Pairing of Syncope Falls Johnny On The Spot! and the following Does:

                                                                                          E4570 Syncope Falls Johnny on the Spot!



Johnny on the Spot2.JPG

Johnny was retained from the 2020 kidding season from a set of quadruplets.  He is heavy moonspotted, and was quite the lady pleaser this past fall.  Eyes are honey brown, and we love the Apollo Uno soul patch on his chin!  He is a 5/6 on the myotonia scale and is very even tempered.  Fingers crossed that he will throw spotted bling to all his kids!  

Dam #1
Va Blue belle_edited.jpg

D0408 Syncope Falls Blue Chickory

This doe is from some of our oldest lines on the farm.  She is blue and white with a petal pattern.  Cashmere floods her coat in the winter. She is known to throw large, solid kids.

blue chickory doe update.JPG
blue chickory buck3.JPG

Syncope Falls All That Jazz

Doeling  DOB  3/10/22     SOLD

Jazzy is "all that!"  She sports her heritage colors in a crazy flashy pattern with both hind legs coated in white.  Silver moonspots adorn her side and back legs.  She will have brown eyes and horns.  Put some Jazz in your herd today!

Syncope Falls Bonafide

Buckling  DOB  3/10/22      SOLD

Bonafide is a sharp looking buckling with perfect conformation.  He is from some of our oldest lines on the farm.  He will be a perfect addition for any farm looking to add his heritage colors to their herd.

Blue chickory kids slide show.JPG
Dam #2
Red doe.jpg

D8733 Syncope Falls Rising Sun

We can not wait to see what this gorgeous red and white doe produces this year!  She is medium build with skirting, blue eyes.  Don't let the sun set on adding one of her kids to your herd!

rising sun red doe update.JPG

Syncope Falls Little Miss Sunshine

Doeling    DOB  3/7/22     SOLD  

Little Miss Sunshine is a bright red color with white swirled through her coat.  She has great conformation, and looks like she will be long haired!  Extreme fainter!  Eyes are brown.  She is the complete package.

Rising Sun and brown doe.JPG

Syncope Falls Shine On!

Doeling  DOB  3/7/22      $550    SOLD

Shine On is a mossy brown color with chocolate and silver moonspots throughout her coat.  She has blue eyes, carries the long haired gene, and will be horned.