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Pairing of Syncope Falls Johnny On The Spot! and the following Does:

                                                                                          E4570 Syncope Falls Johnny on the Spot!



Johnny on the Spot3.JPG

Johnny was retained from the 2020 kidding season from a set of quadruplets.  He is heavy moonspotted, and was quite the lady pleaser this past fall.  Eyes are honey brown, and we love the Apollo Uno soul patch on his chin!  He is a 5/6 on the myotonia scale and is very even tempered.  Fingers crossed that he will throw spotted bling to all his kids!  

Dam #1
irish blessing3.JPG

E4569 Syncope Falls Irish Blessing

Talk about some heavy cashmere!  Many times, Irish Blessing is mistaken for a sheep in the winter months!  In the summertime, her coat is a bright red and is heavily moonspotted with silver and chocolate spots.  She is naturally polled and blue eyed.  This will be her second kidding season.

Irish blessing buck1.JPG

Syncope Falls Conway

Buckling    DOB    3/15/24    SOLD  $300

Conway is a swooner!  He is very personable, and greatly loved.  He will be a nice, solid built buck!  Tri-colored with zebra striping on the legs.  Dark dorsal stripe along the back and belly.   Check out Conway's reel on Instagram!

Irish blessing buck2.JPG

Syncope Falls Waylon

Buckling     DOB   3/15/24     SOLD  $300

Waylon will bring good luck to any farm!  like his brother, he has great conformation and is a solid built buckling!  Red and white coloration.  We are waiting to see if either boy will be polled.

Dam #2
Rising Sun5.JPG

D8733 Syncope Falls Rising Sun

We can not wait to see what this gorgeous red and white doe produces this year!  She is medium build with skirting, blue eyes.  Don't let the sun set on adding one of her kids to your herd!


Syncope Falls Life

Buckling    DOB  3/21/24     SOLD  $300

Rising Sun never disappoints!  She has given us a set of triplets, "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!"  It's what every one needs!  This buckling is brown and white with blue eyes.  Will be horned.


Syncope Falls Liberty

Buckling       DOB  3/21/24    SOLD  $300

Liberty is a bright red and white buckling with blue eyes.  A stunner in the field for sure!  

Syncope Falls Pursuit of Happiness

Doeling        DOB  3/21/24     SOLD   $500

           (Hold for Cruise Loving Melissa!)

GORGEOUS doeling!  This doeling is brown and white with chocolate moonspots, blue eyes, and stunning!

triplet doe.JPG
Dam #3
sweet spot.JPG

F1393 Syncope Falls Sweet Spot!

Sweet Spot was retained from our 2021 kidding season.  She is the daughter of Moonspotted Mtn Man and Emmie (who was 13 when she kidded Sweet Spot and her sister).  Along with her snazzy black and white patterning, she is moonspotted, naturally polled with sky blue eyes.  

Sweet spot buck2.JPG

Syncope Falls Old Dominion

Buckling     DOB   3/14/24   

What a solid buckling!  Old Dominion is getting all of his mother's attention and love and he will be huge!  Traditional black and white coloration.  Brown eyes.  We are waiting to see if he will be polled.

Dam #4
Wild Dot.JPG

F6152 Syncope Falls Wild Dot

Wild Dot is the very last doeling that we kept from Full Moon Farm Emmie before we retired her from breeding.  This will be Wild Dot's first breeding season, and we are looking forward to retaining some of her kids.

Wild Dot buck3.JPG
Wild dot buck1b.JPG

Syncope Falls Dotty

Doeling     DOB  3/29/24    SOLD      $350  

Lovely doeling that is polka dotted all over like her mother!  Brown eyes with perfect conformation!  She makes you smile just looking at her.

Syncope Falls Flash

Buckling    DOB  3/29/24   For Sale

Yes sir, this is a flashy buckling!!  He sports his tradtional black and white color.....but with such style!  Brown eyes, perfect conformation.

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