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Pairing of Syncope Falls Johnny On The Spot! and the following Does:

                                                                                          E4570 Syncope Falls Johnny on the Spot!



Johnny on the Spot3.JPG

Johnny was retained from the 2020 kidding season from a set of quadruplets.  He is heavy moonspotted, and was quite the lady pleaser this past fall.  Eyes are honey brown, and we love the Apollo Uno soul patch on his chin!  He is a 5/6 on the myotonia scale and is very even tempered.  Fingers crossed that he will throw spotted bling to all his kids!  

Dam #1
irish blessing3.JPG

E4569 Syncope Falls Irish Blessing

Talk about some heavy cashmere!  Many times, Irish Blessing is mistaken for a sheep in the winter months!  In the summertime, her coat is a bright red and is heavily moonspotted with silver and chocolate spots.  She is naturally polled and blue eyed.  This will be her first kidding season.

Irish blessing buck7.JPG

Buckling #1

Syncope Falls Moonspotted Mayhem DOB 3/16


Moonspotted Mayhem is a very nice sized buckling!  He will be a future herdshire with his excellent conformation.  He is heavily MOONSPOTTED with chocolate moonspots that adorn his deep red coat with black leggings, and dorsal stripe.  Broken white belt.  Sky BLUE eyes.  He is horned.

Dam #2
Rising Sun5.JPG

D8733 Syncope Falls Rising Sun

We can not wait to see what this gorgeous red and white doe produces this year!  She is medium build with skirting, blue eyes.  Don't let the sun set on adding one of her kids to your herd!

Triplets for Rising Sun!

Rising Suns kids.JPG
Rising Sun buck.JPG
Rising Sun doe.JPG
Rising Sun doeling2a.JPG

Buckling #1   SOLD

Syncope Falls Cajun Casanova 

DOB 3/14  $300

Copperhead has a wonderful pattern splashed across him with shades of red, browns, and white.  Great conformation!  Eyes are brown.  He will be horned.

Doeling #2  SOLD

Syncope Falls Cajun Cutie 

DOB 3/14  $500

OH MY GOODNESS!  She is just amazing!!  With her split face, deep red coloration, and chocolate moonspots...........what a fantastic addition for any farm!  Perfect conformation.  Brown eyes.

Doeling #3  SOLD

Syncope Falls Castanets

DOB 3/14  $300

I'm a Bottle Baby!

Castanets was the smallest of Rising Sun's triplets, so we decided to bottle feed her full time.  She is spunky!!  We call her Castanets, because when she sees us coming, she starts a staccato bleat and hops on rhythm!  She has been everyone's favorite who has come to the farm to see the babies this spring.  The smiles that she evokes!  You will absolutely love her!  Sky blue eyes, red and white coat.  Her conformation is good.  

Rising Sun doe2.JPG
Dam #3
Rising Sun4.JPG

E4571 Syncope Falls Here Comes the Sun

This beauty was retained from our 2020 kidding season.  She is pictured displaying her cashmere coat, but is a brilliant red in the summer time.  She is the daughter of Once In a Blue Moon and Jasper.  Sky blue eyes.  Easy fainter with perfect conformation.

Here Comes the sun with doe.JPG
Red doeling.JPG

Doeling #1   SOLD

Syncope Falls Cherry Bomb  DOB 3/11  $350

Rising Sun threw the biggest single buckling last year and he went to be a herdshire at Virginia State University.  This year, one single doeling, solid red with sky BLUE eyes.  She has perfect conformation and will be a larger sized doe.  Great addition to any farm!

Dam #4

C9020 Lookout Mountain Growers Ying

Ying has bragging rights to Bending Tree Ranch, Borrowed Acres, Wolf River, and Rolling H Ranch.  She is a deep red doe with white and black markings, and sky blue eyes.  

Yings buck.JPG

Buckling #1

Syncope Falls Ridge Runner  DOB 3/29  $300

Ridge Runner is a solid buckling with brown eyes.  He is tri-colored with facial markings and minimal MOONSPOTS.  He will make a great herdshire!

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