Updated as of:  01/03/2020

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Hiwassee, VA



Pairing of Syncope Falls Elvis and the following Does:

2020 Kids Coming Soon!

D4433 Syncope Falls Dixie Crystal

Affectionately known as "Sugar", she is a 

daughter of Smoke on the Mountain, and 

from the oldest lines on the farm.  She is a 

gorgeous blue and white doeling who sports

a cashmere coat in the winter.   

A7807 Syncope Falls Blue Ridge Belle

This unusual colored doe is a mix of reds and 

blues that cause her coat to have a purplish hue (just like our mountains).  She has a dark blue dorsal stripe and belly topped off with a splash of reds and blues across her face.  She is one of our alpha does who never ceases to amaze us with the quality of her kids!

C7918  Moonlight Farms Peanut

Peanut is a full sister to our buck, Jasper.  She is a wonderful mother who passes on her strong qualities to her kids.  She is reddish tan with blue eyes.