Pairing of Syncope Falls Johnny On The Spot! and the following Does:

Dam #1
dixie's doeling2.JPG
Dixie Land Delight.jpg

Blue Jean Baby!  DOB   3/14    $400  SOLD

This is one of the nicest blue doelings that we have had on the farm!  She is large in size, belted with frosted ears.  She carries the moonspotted gene.  Will be horned with honey brown eyes.  

B0250 Syncope Falls Dixie Land Delight

Dixie is a lead doe in her herd and is from some of our oldest lines on the farm.  She is blue and white and has never disappointed us with the kids that she produces.  Just be sure not to "look away, look away, look away (Dixie Land)" and miss the chance to add one of her Delights to your farm!

Dixies buckling.JPG

Over The Moon!   DOB  3/14   $300  AVAILABLE

We are Over The Moon with this Moon-spotted buckling!  He has a large chocolate spot on his chest, and others on his back and side that add bling to his traditional heritage black and white coloring.  Brown eyes, will be horned.  Perfect conformation.

Dam #2
Pink champagne2.jpg

C9936  Syncope Falls Pink Champagne

This girl was retained from the 2016 kidding season, out of one of my favorite all time does.  She has bragging rights to a Permanent Grand Champion in her lineage.  When she was born, her color was a pinkish/red color that we had to toast to!  She is an exceptional mother and excellent fainter.  

Blessy 4.JPG

Blessy     DOB   3/17     RETAINED

"Showers of Blessings"  came to mind when this doeling was born!  She is heavily moonspotted with a zebra type pattern on her back legs.  She's a keeper for sure!

Sweety   DOB 3/17     $300  AVAILABLE

This doeling carries is a sweet heart!!  She is white with tan facial striping and leggings.  Perfect conformation and she carries the moonspotted gene.  Classic myotonic ripple fo the ears.  She is freaking adorable!

Dam #3
Va Blue belle_edited.jpg

D0408 Syncope Falls Blue Chickory

This doe is from some of our oldest lines on the farm.  She is blue and white with a petal pattern.  Cashmere floods her coat in the winter. She is known to throw large, solid kids.

Doxology        DOB   3/17       $400   HOLD

That's right!  It's time to sing praises over this little doeling!  Her head, ears, and down her neck is covered with a large chocolate moonspot.  Her peacock pattern explodes into a heritage black and white coloration.  She's a head turner for sure!

Dam #4
Sweetie pea.JPG
Ruby Red3.jpg

D8732 Syncope Falls Ruby Red

Ruby is the deepest red that we have.  She is a gem and we are keeping our fingers crossed that her kids will be just as priceless!

Ruby red buck.JPG

Sweet Pea     DOB  3/12    $300    SOLD

Sweet Pea makes you smile just to look at her!  She is smaller in size and very friendly!  This little tri colored girl carries the moon-spotted gene.  She has marble blue eyes, but they will probably change to a honey brown.

Copper Head     DOB  3/12    $200  SOLD

Copper Head is a very friendly buckling who always comes running when we enter his field (making it hard to get a picture).  He is a tri-colored buckling of reddish brown hues, brown stockings and dorsal stripe/belly, and a white belt.  He also has red facial stripings.  He carries the moonspotted gene and will have brown eyes.

Dam #5
kick a poo joy juice.JPG

C7918  Moonlight Farms Peanut

Peanut is a full sister to our buck, Jasper.  She is a wonderful mother who passes on her strong qualities to her kids.  She is reddish tan with blue eyes.

Peanut buck.JPG

Kick a Poo Joy Juice        DOB   04/01    $350


Who remembers the originial name for Mountain Dew?  Well, this little Joy Juice does have a kick to her!  She has blue eyes with white markings.  Doesn't everyone need a little kick in their joy juice?

Wha-La!   DOB  04/01   $250  SOLD

Wha-La is a solid black buckling with blue eyes.  He is a striking buckling that is large for this size. Perfect conformation with the classic myotonic "ripple" of the ears.   Both kids carry the moonspotted gene.  Both will be horned.

Dam #6
knockout nicole.JPG
Rising Sun3.jpg

D8733 Syncope Falls Rising Sun

We can not wait to see what this gorgeous red and white doe produces this year!  She is medium build with skirting, blue eyes.  Don't let the sun set on adding one of her kids to your herd!

Retro Reba3.JPG

Knockout Nicole   DOB  04/02    $350  SOLD

This doeling is quite the knockout!  She is greyish/brown with a white cape that crosses her shoulders and drapes down the front legs.  Dark brown dorsal stripe.  She is named in honor of another lovely lady, Nicole, to help celebrate her birthday!  Happy Birthday!

Retro Reba      DOB  04/02  $300


Reba is a lovely reddish brown with a darker belly and leggings.  She has a dorsal stripe and is belted on one side.  Brown eyes and she will be horned.  She does have the classic "ripple" of the ears.