Updated as of:  01/03/2020

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Hiwassee, VA



Pairing of Syncope Falls Rowdy with the following Does:

2020 Kids Coming Soon!

D8733 Syncope Falls Rising Sun

We can not wait to see what this gorgeous red and white doe produces this year!  She is medium build with skirting, blue eyes.  Don't let the sun set on adding one of her kids to your herd!

C1084 Syncope Falls Bobbasheely

'Bobbasheely' is a Choctaw term meaning "good friend".  This head doe's bell is heard deep in the hollows as she leads the rest of the girls out every morning.  She is a tri-colored, blue eyed, TN darling that is a a treasured asset on the farm!

C8040 Syncope Falls Ripples of Laughter

Ripples is a solid TN/TX doe that has bragging

rights to lines that include Mach-n-Farm, B's Barn,

Providence Farms, and Branch Creek.  She is a blue & white girl that produces wonderful kids.  We know that you will be laughing with glee to add one of her kids to your farm!