Pairing of Syncope Falls Hiwassee Hillbilly with the following Does:

Blue Ridge Belle.jpg

A7807 Syncope Falls Blue Ridge Belle

This unusual colored doe is a mix of reds and 

blues that cause her coat to have a purplish hue (just like our mountains).  She has a dark blue dorsal stripe and belly topped off with a splash of reds and blues across her face.  She is one of our alpha does who never ceases to amaze us with the quality of her kids!

Wings of a Dove2.jpg

C1086 Syncope Falls Wings Of A Dove

What a show stopper!  Wings never ceases to amaze us each kidding season with gorgeous kids!  And no, we have never brushed her ... her horns do all the work!

Caleb's young doeling.jpg

D8730 Syncope Falls Virginia Blue Belle

She is as beautiful as her name sake!  It will be this doe's first kidding season and we know that she will not disappoint!

hiwassee belle (600 x 546).jpg

B0255 Syncope Falls Hiwassee Belle

Belle gets her some of her strong TN lines from Mach-n-Farm, Goulet's Ranch, Providence Farm.  She is a staple on the farm and we love the red tones that she produces.

Blue ridge boy2.JPG

Pick      DOB 3/14         $200    SOLD

This buckling is a great "Pick" for a herdshire!  He has frosted ears and a frosted bridle across his nose.  Black facial stripes, leggings, belly, and dorsal stripe.  Will be horned.


Wings boy black.JPG

Southern Swagger    DOB 3/11  $250  HOLD

Wings of a Dove out did herself this time!  Both of her bucklings are stunning, running and playing in the open field!  Southern Swagger has a lot to brag about with his matching facial pattern and marbled blue eyes!  Perfect conformation with the myotonic "ripple" in his ears.  He has a small white patch on his right side.  

blue ridge belle buckling.JPG

Grin   DOB 3/14   $200    SOLD

Pick and Grin make a great combination!  Grin has more red in his coat, facial stripes and a black belly.  Marbled blue eyes that will probably change to honey brown.  Perfect conformation with a myotonic "ripple" in the ears

Wings buckling.JPG

Sunday Stroll   DOB    3/11    $200   SOLD

There's something that is so pleasing to see a field full of spring kids playing when you are out for a Sunday Stroll!  This fella lights up the field with his playfulness!  He is Brownish red with a black belly and dorsal stripe.  Facial markings with a splash of white in the middle to top it off.   Marbled blue eyes that may change to golden brown.  We are thinking that he will be long haired like his mother.  Perfect conformation with rippled ears.

Blue grass beau.JPG

Blue Grass Beau    DOB  03/22    $300  SOLD

He is 'All That!'  A gorgeous blue buckling with darker blue highlights and blue eyes to match!  He will be an exceptional herdshire!!  I remember searching for years for this combination to add to our farm and here he is!  

Hiwassee Belle buck.JPG

Hiwassee Hoe-down   DOB   04/22    $200  SOLD

Hiwassee Hoe-down is a nice sized buckling with frosted ears and a frosted bridle across his nose.  White patch on his face highlights his red coat.  Perfect conformation.

We only have myotonic bucks on the farm, so when I breed my dairy girls each year, I pair them with one of the fainter bucks.  These girls are out of Hiwassee HillBilly.  They are bottle raised and will be used for goat yoga this spring.  

Yoga Dairy Cross Does for Sale!

Well, here they are!!  What did you spend all of 2020 looking for?  That's right.....Angel Soft, Cottonelle, and Sparkle!!  Commodities that you realized that you could not do without!  Well, be sure that you are not caught short changed again.  You need these girls, even though you may not realize it!

HOLD on all 3 girls..........they are headed to NC to bring smiles to birthday parties!

Angel Soft.JPG

Angel Soft     DOB   02/15    $150      SOLD

That's right!  All of 2020 we were looking for a little Angel Soft for the privy, and here she is in all her glory!  She is black and white and full of herself.  I guess she knows how valuable she really is!!

Dairy girl1.JPG

Cottonelle    DOB  2/16   $150     SOLD

Cottonelle is a blue/white girl and is full of spunk.  She will be the high light of goat yoga this spring!  It's a hoot to just watch her antics in the field.  She is constantly climbing and jumping and shows no signs of myotonia at all.  


Sparkle    DOB  02/15   $150     SOLD

In sticking with the toilet paper theme, we could not come up with another name other than "Two Ply", but decided not to go there.....So, we went with a brand of paper towels.  Sparkle is a soft spoken doeling who is very sweet and must be held during bottle feeding, or else she refuses to drink!  Has shown signs of fainting. Bright, sparkley, blue eyes