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Breeding Lineup for 2023 kids

         We thank God for a happy, healthy herd to date!  Syncope Falls Farm has never tested positive for a case of Johnes, CAE, or Caseous Lymphnitous (CL) in our goats.  But due to the inquiries by farms interested in our stock, we are having these tests performed in our herd to ensure buyers of the health of our goats.  In December 2008, we tested all of our herd over the age of 11 months - and all test results were negative.  We've had followup testing performed in July 2009, May 2010, June 2012, July 2014, July 2016, and July 2021.  All results have continued to be negative as we continue to monitor the herd.  We purchase goats only from farms that have tested for Johnes, CAE, or CL and then we quarantine them once they arrive on the farm.  Our goal is to raise the best quality myotonic (fainting) goats to add to your farm!  

TERMS OF SALE:  a $100 deposit is required to place a goat kid on HOLD.  Kids will be ready to go to their new farms at 8-10 weeks old.  The remainder of the fee must be paid for in cash or a cashier's check.  If you are unable to transport your new addition at 8 weeks old, prior arrangements must be made at the time of placing a deposit.  


Please click on each buck's picture (or scroll down from the main menu) to see which Does that they are paired up with for the 2023 kidding season.

Capt Am6.JPG
Sire: E4572 Syncope Falls Captain America

This buck is a solidly built, medium sized TN/TX myotonic who was retained from our 2020 kidding season.  We could not part with him since he was Red, White, and Blue (with Blue eyes)!  Give him a shield and he could be a Super Hero!!  HIs lines include Moonlight Farms, B's Barn, and some of our original lines.  He rates 5/6 for myotonia. 

Smilin Jim7.JPG

 E9774 Syncope Falls Smilin' Jim Dandy


Smilin' Jim Dandy was retained from our 2021 kidding season!  He is greyish blue/brown in color with chocolate moonspots and blue eyes.  Facial striping, and dorsal stripe.  Myotonia at 5/6. Classic "ripple" of the ears.  Perfect conformation

Jack Flash7.JPG

E9777  Syncope Falls Jumping Jack Flash (He's a Gas, Gas, Gas!)

What a magical, Moonspotted, marvel he is!  Blue, silver, and brown moonspots on a coat of black.  This buckling was retained from our 2021 kidding season.  He is one year old in the picture and the son of Moonspotted Mountain Man.  He is grade 5/6 for Myotonia.  Perfect conformation.

Johnny on the Spot3.JPG

E4570 Syncope Falls Johnny on the Spot!

Johnny was retained from the 2020 kidding season from a set of quadruplets.  He is heavy moonspotted, and was quite the lady pleaser this past fall.  Eyes are honey brown, and we love the Apollo Uno soul patch on his chin!  He is a 5/6 on the myotonia scale and is very even tempered.  Fingers crossed that he will throw spotted bling to all his kids!  

Moonspotted Mtn Man2.JPG

E4558 Starfall Hollow Moonspotted Mountain Man

"MMM" is from the 2020 kidding season of Starfall Hollow.  He is heavily spotted throughout his red toned coat, has crystal blue eyes, and naturally polled.  He is completely unrelated to any of our Syncope Falls goats, so we are very excited to add his lineage to our farm.  Looking for great kids from this mountain man!


E6205 Crow's Nest Joker


Joker is a 2-year-old polled, moonspotted marvel!  We are excited to add his new lines to our farm!  He is a standard Tennessee fainter that rates 5 out of 6 on the scale of myotonia and is very even tempered and easy to work with.  We are waiting with bells on to see what fantastic kids he throws in the spring....and that's no 'joke'!

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