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Pairing of Crow's Nest Joker with the following does:

E6205 Crow's Nest Joker

Joker is a 2-year-old polled, moonspotted marvel!  We are excited to add his new lines to our farm!  He is a standard Tennessee fainter that rates 5 out of 6 on the scale of myotonia and is very even tempered and easy to work with.  We are waiting with "bells on" to see what fantastic kids he throws in the spring....and that's no 'joke'!

Joker boasts of lines from Solis Occasus Villa, Wallace's Crazy Acres, and Faint Away Farm.

Dam #1
Willa Wa_edited.jpg

F6141 Syncope Falls Willa Wa

Willa Wa is the daughter of Jumpin' Jack Flash and Pink Champagne.  She sports permanent Grand Champions in her line.  She was born on the coldest, windiest day in March 2022, and earned the name Willa Wa which means "fierce wind" in the Alaskan Native tongue.  She is a larger sized doe and this will be her first kidding season (praying for a warm, sunny day for her!)

Syncope Falls Son Of A Gun!

Buckling    DOB  3/10/24      $650  HOLD

The neighbors may have heard me hollering, "Son of a Gun, you did good Willa Wa!", when these babies were born! This buckling is heavily moonspotted with silver, chocolate, and light brown patches.  He has perfect conformation, and brown eyes.  He will be horned.  See him on his instagram reel!

Supper time at Syncope Falls Farm | Instagram

Willa Wa buck6.JPG

Syncope Falls Finesse

Doeling      DOB  3/10/24       $650  HOLD

Finesse is a gorgeous doeling, with silver, mocha, and light brown moonspots like her brother.  Broken belt around the middle and white patches to boot!  She has perfect conformation, blue eyes, and is a snuggler!  We think that she will be polled.  See her in action as our first Instagram star!

Step by step 🕺 | Instagram

Willa Wa doe2.JPG

Dam #2

Caleb's young doeling.jpg

D8730 Syncope Falls Virginia Blue Belle

She is as beautiful as her name's sake!  She is deep blue in color and has cashmere in her coat for the winter.  She is solidly built and an excellent mother with very strong fainting traits.

    Va Blue belle buck3.JPG

    Syncope Falls Mountain Mist

    Buckling   DOB   3/12/24       $350   For Sale  

    I love the blues!  They remain one of my favorite colors of the fainting goats!  Rarely do they come this blue!  This buckling is a gorgeous blue with the classic frosted ears and will be an excellent herd shire!  He is solid with perfect conformation!  Blue eyes (that may change).  We are waiting to see if he will be polled.  Already exhibiting strong fainting traits.

    Syncope Falls Mountain Momma

    Doeling       DOB  3/12/24    Retained


    I named this doeling Mountain Momma, because she will be staying here, on the farm, on our mountain.  I love the Blues and try to retain a blue doeling each year.  Last year, I only had one blue doeling and agreed to sell her.  She went to an excellent farm, but it was hard to part with her.  I'm so happy that Va Blue Belle did us proud this year!

    Va bluebelle doeling.JPG

    Dam #3

    Once in a Blue Moon_renamed5.jpg

    C8044 Syncope Falls Once In A Blue Moon

    This doe has never disappointed us!  She is a large bodied girl who is an exceptional mother and comes from some of our original lines!  When she was born, her blue/red coloration looked unusal and so beautiful!  We thought that a color like this could only happen Once In a Blue Moon!

    Once in a blue moon doe2.JPG

    Syncope Falls Whipoorwill!

    Doeling    DOB  3/11/24      HOLD    $350

    WHAT?!?    Never has Once In a Blue Moon thrown any kid this flashy!!  She is tri-colored, with the beautiful zebra striping on her legs that we have come to look for out of Joker's kids.  Shazam has brown eyes, and will be a solid doe!  Black dorsal stripe along her back.  She is Polled.

    Once blue moon doe3.JPG
    Dam #4
    Ida Claire II 3_edited.jpg

    F1394 Syncope Falls Ida Claire II

    When one of our dear neighbor's first laid eyes on this doe, all Belva could say was, "I do declare, she's the prettiest baby that I've seen!"  We had to keep the name (and the goat)!!  What Ida Claire II will make us proclaim this kidding season, time will soon tell!  She is the daughter of Moonspotted Mountain Man and Ida Claire I (who earned her name as well!)

    ida claire doeling2.JPG

    Syncope Falls Glory Bee!     HOLD

    Doeling         DOB  3/14/24    For Sale  $350

    Glory Bee is a beautiful doeling with red and white coloration, white belt, and darker dorsal stripe.  Brown eyes and may be polled.  She is lovely and will make you exclaim, "Glory Bee!" when you see her.

    Dam #5


    D4435 Syncope Falls Moxy

    Moxy is true to her name sake!  She is full of sass and spunk, gorgeous, and she knows it!  Her mother was part of the myotonic goat herd at A&M University.  Moxy can also boast of a Permanent Grand Champion in her lines.  Flashy with racing stripes on the face, uniform marking, and crystal blue eyes!  She is an excellent mother and throws wonderful kids!

    Moxy doe2.JPG

    Syncope Falls GRITS

    Doeling    DOB   3/26/24      HOLD

    This lovely doeling is a replica of her Moxy, but with the added bonus of moonspots!  She will be a solid doeling.  Great conformation!

    Dam #6

    Barefoot Barbie.JPG

    F1405 Syncope Falls Barefoot Barbie

    This is Barbie's second breeding season, as she was retained from our 2021 kidding season.  She is a tri-colored favorite on the farm!  She is the daughter of Backwoods Barbie and Smoke on the Mountain.  We know that she will throw amazing kids!

    Syncope Falls Misty Mountain

    Doeling      DOB   3/16/24    For Sale   $350

    These sisters are adorable together!  What a fun color pattern that Misty Mtn has.... from her sweet face to the tip of her tail!  Black and white coloration, blue eyes, and great conformation!  

    Syncope Falls Morning Mist

    Doeling     DOB 3/16/24     HOLD   $350          

    Morning Mist always looks like she has a sweet smile on her face.  White and black coloration with zebra striping on her legs.  Blue eyes and great conformation.  She's a sweety for sure!

    Barefoot barbie doe4.JPG
    Barefoot barbie doe3.JPG
    Barefoot Barbie doe1.JPG
    Barefoot barbie does.JPG

    Dam #7

    To Catch a Fallin' Star.jpg

    D0406 Syncope Falls To Catch a Fallin' Star

    This doe is built like a brick!  Thick and solid!  She is an exceptional mother and always has well built kids.  We are wishing on a Star for some more of her gorgeous kids again this year!  Permanent Grand Champion in her lineage.

    Fallin Star doe.JPG

    Syncope Falls Brown Eyed Girl

    DOB  3/23/24     RETAINED

    "Yoouuuu, my brown eyed girl!!  This gorgeous doeling will be staying on the farm.  She is solid like her momma and everytime I see her, I break out into song!  "Sha-la-la, la-la, la-la, la-la, la-la tee-da"

    Dam #8

    Sandy Pebbles2.JPG

    F6147 Syncope Falls Sandy Pebbles

    This will be Sandy's first kidding season.  She has filled out nicely the past couple of years and has become an outstanding doe!  She is the daughter of Jumpin' Jack Flash and Rising Sun, and the first doe on the farm with a black pebbled pattern in a solid brown coat. 

    Mtn Mist buck5_edited.jpg

    Syncope Falls Cash on the Barrel

    DOB    3/16/24     For Sale    $450

    Here's your money maker!  He can even two step (check out his instagram below!) He is a gorgeous red buckling with silver and chocolate moonspots, blue eyes, and perfect conformation.   He is Polled.

    Mtn Mist buck4.JPG
    Sandy pebbles doe.JPG

    Syncope Falls Phee Bee

    DOB  3/16/24     For Sale    $400

    Phee Bee is ADORABLE!  She is a happy little goat, full of spunk!  Phee Bee is mostly black with silver and chocolate moonspots.  Blue eyes (that may change).  We are waiting to see if she will be polled.

    Sandy pebbles girl smile.JPG
    Dam #9

    F1403 Syncope Falls Doxology

    One neighbor asked why we named this doeling Doxology..... we were singing God's praises when she was born!  She is definitely a favorite on the farm.  Solidly built, heavily moonspotted, excellent fainter, and the first greeter at the gate each morning!  This will be her second kidding season and I know that we will be singing praises again once she kids!

    willa wa buck5.JPG
    doxology doe4.JPG

    Syncope Falls Blessings

    Doeling       DOB  3/28/24   For Sale  $550

    Blessings is just that!!  She's perfect!  Heavily moonspotted, brown eyes, and she is Polled.  We LOVE her!

    Syncope Falls Buckshot

    Buckling    DOB   3/28/24   (Hold for Cruise Loving Melissa)

    Buckshot is peppered with mouse grey moonspots.  He has brown eyes and we think that he will be horned.  Perfect conformation!

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