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Pairing of Crow's Nest Joker with the following does:

E6205 Crow's Nest Joker

Joker is a 2-year-old polled, moonspotted marvel!  We are excited to add his new lines to our farm!  He is a standard Tennessee fainter that rates 5 out of 6 on the scale of myotonia and is very even tempered and easy to work with.  We are waiting with "bells on" to see what fantastic kids he throws in the spring....and that's no 'joke'!

Joker boasts of lines from Solis Occasus Villa, Wallace's Crazy Acres, and Faint Away Farm.

Dam #1
Pink Champagne.jpg

C9936  Syncope Falls Pink Champagne

This girl was retained from the 2016 kidding season, out of one of my favorite all time does.  She has bragging rights to a Permanent Grand Champion in her lineage.  When she was born, her color was a pinkish/red color that we had to toast to!  She is an exceptional mother and excellent fainter.  

Pink champ doe.JPG


Syncope Falls Picture Perfect     DOB 3/18  $650

WOW!!  This doeling is not only HEAVILY moonspotted, but she is a marbled, moonspotted wonder!!  She has a tortoise shell pattern all over her.  Brown eyes.  Excellent conformation.  She is polled.


Syncope Falls Painted Stallion Stud DOB 3/18 $650

MAN, OH, MAN!  Pink Champagne put everything she had into her kids this year!  Perfect conformation on this buckling.  He is heavily moonspotted with chocolate and silver.  Sky blue eyes.  He is horned.

Dam #2


F1396 Syncope Falls Blessy

Blessy was retained from our 2021 season, and this will be her first-time kidding.  She is heavily moonspotted with zebra striping on her legs, boasts a cashmere coat, and has a permanent grand champion in her lines.  A very strong fainter and a blessing to our farm!  We love her so!!

Blessy buck3.JPG

Buckling #1  SOLD 

Syncope Falls Real McCoy   DOB 3/10    $650

This future Herdshire is The Real McCoy!  He is heavily moonspotted, with more markings showing up daily.  Black and silver moonspots, with zebra stripings on his legs like his dam.  Black dorsal stripe and belly.  Sky blue eyes and we think that he is polled.  Perfect conformation!

Pink Champ buck.JPG

Dam #3

To Catch a Fallin' Star.jpg

D0406 Syncope Falls To Catch a Fallin' Star

This doe is built like a brick!  Thick and solid!  She is an exceptional mother and always has well built kids.  We are wishing on a Star for some more of her gorgeous kids again this year!  Permanent Grand Champion in her lineage.

Catch a fallin star black buck.JPG

Buckling #1  SOLD

Syncope Falls Southern Tradition

DOB 3/11  $300  

This buckling has traditional myotonic black/white markings and frosted ears, but with a lot of bling!  He has chocolate MOONSPOTS on his neck and legs, and has a PETAL PATTERN of white throughout his coat.  Brown eyes.  We think that he will be POLLED.   Excellent conformation!

To Catch a fallin star buck3.JPG

Buckling #2

Syncope Falls Southern Charmer  DOB 3/11  $300

Southern Charmer will be a small/medium sized buckling.  He has great conformation, with minimal MOONSPOTS on his face.  Stunning BLUE eyes.  He is POLLED

Dam #4

Hiwassee Hooch_edited.jpg

C9937 Syncope Falls Hiwassee Hooch

Hiwassee Hooch sports a Permanent Grand

Champion in her lines!  She is a solid TN/TX line doe that throws exceptional kids!  Put some hooch into your herd!!

Hiwassee Hooch doeling4.JPG

Doeling #1

Syncope Falls Creator's Joy DOB 3/17  Retained

God certainly must have been smiling when he created this amazing doeling!  Heavily moonspotted with blue eyes and perfect conformation.  We are so happy to add her to our herd!

Hiwassee Hooch doeling2.JPG

Doeling #2  

Syncope Falls Mesa  DOB 3/17  $400  SOLD

Honestly, I don't know what to think of this doelings coloring......She is a golden red with crazy highlights.  Beautiful facial striping and dorsal stripe.  Brown eyes.  We are waiting to see if she will be polled.  Perfect conformation!  We can't wait to see if her color pattern changes as she matures.

Dam #5

Sweet Water1_edited.jpg

C5331 Syncope Falls Sweet Water

Sweet Water is built with both TN/TX lines.

She has sky blue eyes and wears her traditional

black and white colors so well!  She is one of the lead does in her herd.

Sweet Water buckling2.JPG

Buckling #1

Syncope Falls Smiley's Moonspotted Man  Retained

Even before Sweet Water kidded, I knew that I would retain her kid, in order to preserve some of our original lines.  She certainly did herself proud!

Beautiful moonspotted markings with tear drops under each eye.  

Dam #6


C7918  Moonlight Farms Peanut

Peanut has been an excellent asset to our herd!  She is a wonderful mother who passes on her strong qualities to her kids.  Strong fainter who has kidded multiple sets of triplets, raising them without any problems.  She is reddish tan with blue eyes.

Triplets for Peanut!

Tiger Oak2.JPG

Buckling #1

Syncope Falls Tiger Oak DOB 3/12 $650


As beautiful and unique as Tiger oak, this future herdshire earns your admiration!  Splashes of chocolate, silver, and cream moonspots.  Blue eyes with perfect conformation.  We think that he will be horned. 

Painted Palomino.JPG

Buckling #2  SOLD

Syncope Falls Painted Palomino DOB 3/12 $300

Gorgeous Palmetto color with one white hind leg.  His flashiness pops with his BLUE eyes!  He is POLLED.  Perfect conformation.  

Peanut's doe.JPG

Doeling  #3  SOLD

Syncope Falls Helen's Oreo  DOB 3/12

This doeling is extra special!  She is a full time bottle baby and a complete joy!  She is headed to a farm where she will give and receive all the love that can be mustered!  

Dam #7


D4435 Syncope Falls Moxy

Moxy is true to her name sake!  She is full of sass and spunk, gorgeous, and she knows it!  Her mother was part of the myotonic goat herd at A&M University.  Moxy can also boast of a Permanent Grand Champion in her lines.  Flashy with racing stripes on the face, uniform marking, and crystal blue eyes!  She is an excellent mother and throws wonderful kids!

Moxy doe2.JPG

Doeling #1

Syncope Falls Happy  DOB 3/17  $450  SOLD

This little doeling is SO HAPPY!  She dances through the field until she collapses and falls asleep.  This line has incredible maternal instincts.  She is a solid doeling with facial stripings, blue eyes, with great conformation.  She will be a great addition to any farm.

Dam #8

Delta Dawn2_edited.jpg

D0407 Syncope Falls Delta Dawn

Delta Dawn is the last doeling out of Lady Traveler, who was our very first Fainting Goat and the Alpha of the herd.  Delta Dawn carries on this trait (as seen by her studded leather collar and bell).  She is blue and white and queen of the farm!

Delta Dawn buckling.JPG

Buckling #1   SOLD

Syncope Falls Days Gone By   DOB  3/28  $300

Delta Dawn has thrown us a buckling from "Days Gone By".  He is a traditional, flashy black and white boy with frosted, rippled ears.  He will be a solid boy and excellent herdshire.  He is POLLED

Dam #9
Ripples of Laughter8.JPG

C8040 Syncope Falls Ripples of Laughter

When this doe was born, we all laughed with happiness!  She is out of Providence Farm Jack Sparrows and B's Barn Gracie Lou.  Her gorgeous blue coat with skirting is thrown often in her kids.  She is a solid, huge Texas doe with perfect conformation.  Excellent mother and a true favorite of the farm!


Ripples buck5.JPG

Buckling #1  SOLD

Syncope Falls Blue Moon of KY DOB 3/13


He is the largest sized in the set of 4.  He is a gorgeous blue buckling with marbled BLUE eyes.  Frosted ears. We think that he will be POLLED.  Perfect conformation.  

ripples buck6.JPG

Buckling #2  SOLD

Syncope Falls Blue Grass 

DOB 3/13  buck or wether

Blue Grass is a smaller version of his brother.  Blue buckling with brown eyes and good conformation.    

Here's your chance for a buddy for life!!  Both of these doelings are full bottle babies.  We decided to pull the two sisters off of the mother to ensure that all four kids grow properly.  We are using milk from our alpine dairy girls.

Ripples doe5.JPG

Doeling #1   SOLD

Syncope Falls Bachata

DOB 3/13  $450  


Do you see her eyeing that bottle!  She looks so forward to feeding time and will snuggle afterwards, tucking her head into your arm.  She is a traditional black and white girl with silver MOONSPOTS.  Brown eyes.  She will be horned

Ripples doe4.JPG

Doeling #2

Syncope Falls Little Ms Sunshine

DOB 3/13  $300


Little Ms. Sunshine loves to snuggle after feeding.  She has great conformation, brown eyes, and is POLLED.  She will be the "Gate Greeter" at your farm!

Dam #10
TN pistol.JPG

F3876 Circle H Fainting Farm Tennessee Pistol

Tennessee Pistol is from our good friends April and Wes Hardin in TN.  This will be her first kidding season and we are so excited to see what she will produce!  She has excellent conformation, blue eyes, and is solidly built!  Permanent Grand Champions in her lineage.

TN pistol buckling2.JPG

Buckling #1  SOLD

Syncope Falls Tailor Made  DOB 3/11   $300

Tailor Made just for you!  Traditional black and white markings are offset with sky blue eyes.  This buckling has great conformation.  He is POLLED

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