Updated as of:  04/05/2020

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Hiwassee, VA



Pairing of Lucky Buck and the following does:

D4429 Syncope Falls Petaloosa

This fabulous doe has petal splashes of 

moonspots all over her!  She is a naturally

polled sweetheart!  Boasts a cashmere coat 

in winter time.

Johnny on the SPOT! 

DOB 02/29/20  $400

Handsome buckling with moon spots.  Large moonspot on the back of the neck.  Mossy brown color.  Blue eyes.  Polled.  

Sadie Rose  

DOB 02/29/20  $350

Beautiful doeling with a reddish brown coat.  She did have red moonspots, but most have faded.  Does carry the moonspotted gene. Blue eyes.  May be polled

D0408 Syncope Falls Blue Chickory

This doe is from some of our oldest lines on the farm.  She is blue and white with a petal pattern.  Cashmere floods her coat in the winter. She is known to throw large, solid kids.

Opportunity Knocks!  

DOB 03/03/20  $250

Here's your opportunity to own a fantastic herd sire!  Large sized Blue and white buckling. He is a show stopper.  Will be horned.

D8732 Syncope Falls Ruby Red

Ruby is the deepest red that we have.  She is a gem and we are keeping our fingers crossed that her kids will be just as priceless!

Star Garnette 

DOB 03/03/20  $350  HOLD

Beautiful doeling with sky blue eyes, and a reddish brown coat with a dorsal stripe and dark brown belly.  She will liven up any farm!