Pairing of Starfall Hollow Moonspotted Mountain Man "MMM" and the following does:

Dam #1
Emmies girl.JPG

Sweet Spot!     DOB  3/11   $400 SOLD

I can't tell you how thrilled that I am with Sweet Spot's crazy polka dot pattern!  She has brilliant blue eyes, carries the moon spotted gene and she will be polled.  Classic ripple of the ears.  Hurry and grab her up before we change our mind!

A9553 Full Moon Farm Emmie

Emmie, affectionately known as the farm's own "mystical, magical unicorn" had broken her horn as a doeling and did not meet show standards, so the owner at the time agreed to sell her.  She has always thrown flashy kids that are just as magical as their moma!

Emmie's girl1.JPG

Hit the Spot!    DOB  3/11    Retained

I have always regretted not keeping more of Emmie's doelings over the years.  They are always built so nice and spunky with great personalities.  We are keeping this flashy doeling on the farm.

Dam #2
Dixie Crystal 2_edited.jpg

D4433 Syncope Falls Dixie Crystal

Affectionately known as "Sugar", she is a 

daughter of Smoke on the Mountain, and 

from the oldest lines on the farm.  She is a 

gorgeous blue and white doeling who sports

a cashmere coat in the winter.   

sugar buck.JPG

Smooth Operator    DOB  3/14   $300   SOLD

I am not sure what color to even call this amazing buckling!  He is a bluish/brownish/greyish hue with a dark brown undercoat and splashes of white.  Dark brown dorsal stripe.  Bright Blue eyes highlight his facial stripes. He will be horned.  Classic "ripple" of the ears that fainting fans love to see!  Carries the moonspotted gene and has perfect conformation.  He will be a GREAT herd shire! 

Sugar buck.JPG
Dam #3
I can only imagine2.JPG

E1807 Syncope Falls I Can Only Imagine

One of triplets and the first moonspotted

doeling born to Mercy Me!  We Can Only

Imagine what this moonspotted girl will

produce her first kidding season!

Red hot.JPG

Red Hot    DOB  3/16    $250     SOLD

Red Hot is a solid buckling that is very flashy with his bright red coloration, white pattern splashes, and black highlights.  His eyes will be honey brown.  He is polled.

Dam #4
Ida Clarie5_edited.jpg

C8043 Syncope Falls Ida Claire

When she was born, a common phrase heard on the farm was "I do declare, look at all those spots!"

She is a beautiful red and white doe with lines from Full Moon Farm, Critter Pines Ranch, Goulet's Ranch, and Moonlight Farms.  

sweet tater pie.JPG
sweet tater pie2.JPG

Sweet Tater Pie     DOB 04/05/21    $300


We are all jumping for JOY that Sweet Tater Pie finally arrived!  She is a lightly tanned doeling with dark brown markings on her belly and dorsal stripe.  White polka dots through out.  She has a wide white blaze on her face.  Brown eyes.  May be polled.   

Dam #5
Delta Dawn2_edited.jpg

D0407 Syncope Falls Delta Dawn

Delta Dawn is the last doeling out of Lady Traveler, who was our very first Fainting Goat and the Alpha of the herd.  Delta Dawn carrieson this trait (as seen by her studded leather collar and bell).  She is blue and white and queen of the farm!

Faded rose4.JPG

Faded Rose   DOB 03/28    $450     SOLD

Sing it with me......"Delta Dawn, what's that flower you have on?  Could it be a FADED ROSE from days gone by?"  I was speachless this morning when I found Delta Dawn with her pink doeling!  Yes, PINK!  I am still amazed....she is a pink roan with a blue moon spot on one shoulder, red highlights around the white spot on her head, and blue markings on the legs.  BLUE eyes to boot!  This Faded Rose will certainly grace any farm and be a talking point!  She is horned and has perfect conformaiton.

Dam #6

C1084 Syncope Falls Bobbasheely

'Bobbasheely' is a Choctaw term meaning "good friend".  This head doe's bell is heard deep in the hollows as she leads the rest of the girls out every morning.  She is a tri-colored, blue eyed, TN darling that is a a treasured asset on the farm!

Bobbasheely jack.JPG

Jumping Jack Flash (He's a Gas, Gas, Gas!)

DOB  03/24    Retained

What a magical, Moonspotted, marvel he is!  Blue, silver, and brown moonspots on a coat of black.  Perfect conformation.

Bobasheely buckling7.JPG

Satisfaction        DOB  03/24      $350   SOLD

"I can't get no....Satisfaction......(but wait...oh yes, you can!)  You will be completely satisfied with this deep red buckling with chocolate moonspots and silver moonspots on the ear and head.  Blue eyes and a pirate eye patch.  We were tempted to give him a pirate name, but we stuck with the Rolling Stones theme!  He will make a great herdshire!  He is polled.

Dam #7
Moxy 2.jpg

D4435 Syncope Falls Moxy

Moxy is true to her name sake!  She is full of sass and spunk, gorgeous, and she knows it!  Her mother was part of the myotonic goat herd at A&M University.  Moxy can also boast of a Permanent Grand Champion in her lines.  Flashy with racing stripes on the face, uniform marking, and crystal blue eyes!  She is an excellent mother and throws wonderful kids!

moxy doe1.JPG
moonspotted doe1.JPG

Ravishing Ruby   03/19      $350     SOLD

Ruby is full of spunk and class, just like her momma!  She is an eye catcher and she knows it with her chocolate moonspots that add bling to her beautiful red coat.  She has perfect conformation and is polled.

Moxy doeling4.JPG

Stunning Stella    03/19    $300   SOLD

Stella is black with cream pattern markings and facial strips.  Tiny white marking on her head.  She carries the moonspotted gene.  Perfect conformation with the classic ripple of the ear.  She is polled.

Dam #8
Lucky U.JPG

E1809 Syncope Falls Luck of the Irish

This traditional doeling was born with 

a horse shoe shape on her side.  We

felt very lucky to add her to our herd.

With Bonnie Lass as her mother, she

carries on our Irish theme.  

silver eyeshadow.JPG

As she ages, the moonspots continue to appear.  Now, they highlight her eyes light silver eyeshadow!

Lucky U doe1.JPG

Fairy Child     DOB   3/24     $450    SOLD

Fairy Child is a deep red doeling with black, chocolate, and silver moonspots.  She has bright blue eyes and will be polled.  Add some Irish love to your herd!

Lucky U doe2.JPG
Dam #9

E5781 Syncope Falls Mary Gold

Mary Gold is the daughter of Jasper and

Wings of a Dove.  She has blue eyes with 

a golden long coat.  This will be her first

kidding season and we hope for a bouquet

of beautiful kids!

red moonspotted doe.JPG

Primrose     DOB  3/24     $400     SOLD

Primrose is a deep red with silver and chocolate moonspots and tiny petal patterns within the moonspots.  Her marbled eyes are mostly brown.  She is polled.  Perfect conformation and displays the classic "ripple" of the ears that fainting fans love to see!