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Pairing of Starfall Hollow Moonspotted Mountain Man "MMM" and the following does:


Moonspotted Mtn Man2.JPG

E4558 Starfall Hollow Moonspotted Mountain Man

"MMM" is from the 2020 kidding season of Starfall Hollow.  He is heavily spotted throughout his red toned coat, has crystal blue eyes, and naturally polled.  He is completely unrelated to any of our Syncope Falls goats, so we are very excited to add his lineage to our farm.  Looking for great kids from this mountain man!

Dam #1
Boobasheely2 (1).jpg

C1084 Syncope Falls Bobbasheely

'Bobbasheely' is a Choctaw term meaning "good friend".  This head doe's bell is heard deep in the hollows as she leads the rest of the girls out every morning.  She is a tri-colored, blue eyed, TN darling that is a a treasured asset on the farm!

Doeling #1
bobbasheely doe3.JPG
bobasheelyy doe1.JPG

Southern Sparkle   DOB 3/10   Doeling     $500

Beautiful white and black doeling with silver moonspots all over her neck, face, and head.  She is extremely flashy and she knows it!  Perfect conformation!  Brown eyes.  She is POLLED

Doeling #2
Bobbasheely doe2.JPG

Sweet Southern Thrill   DOB 3/10  Doeling $350  SOLD


Such a happy doeling!  She's a thrill to have on the farm.  She dances and jumps around, getting the other kids going every evening.  She is very flashy with different shades of brown splashed throughout her white coat.  Perfect conformation.  Sky blue eyes like her mother.  She is polled.

Dam #2
Lucky You2.JPG

E1809 Syncope Falls Luck of the Irish

This traditional doeling was born with 

a horse shoe shape on her side.  We

felt very lucky to add her to our herd.

With Bonnie Lass as her mother, she

carries on our Irish theme.  (And YES, she does smile at you!!

Lucky U blk doe.JPG
Lucky U black doe.JPG

Sky Blue  DOB 3/12  Doeling   $350

This Doelings velvet black coat makes her Sky BLUE eyes just pop!!  So stunning!  She is POLLED, excellent conformation.  Great addition to any herd.

Lucky U does.JPG
Lucky U red doeling.JPG

Sienna Clay  DOB 3/12  Doeling $350

This area is known for it's sienna color clay, a rare color mineral only found in Hiwassee, where it is mined for the Crayola Crayons.  This doeling's coat has those red sienna clay highlights!  Her sky BLUE eyes are dazzling.  Minimal chocolate moonspots.  She is POLLED.  Excellent conformation.  

Doeling #1
Doeling #2
Dam #3
Barefoot Barbie.JPG

F1405 Syncope Falls Barefoot Barbie

This is Barbie's first breeding season, as she was retained from our 2021 kidding season.  She is a tri-colored favorite on the farm!  She is the daughter of Backwoods Barbie and Smoke on the Mountain.  We know that she will throw exceptional kids!

Buckling #1
Barefoot barbie buck2.JPG

Syncope Falls Rambling Fever  DOB 3/13  Buckling  $300  SOLD

Very nice buckling with flashy markings and sky BLUE eyes.  Tri-colored with brown, dark brown, and white.  Dorsal stripe and facial striping.  He is POLLED.  

Buckling #2
Barefoot barbie buck3.JPG

Syncope Falls Chickipen  DOB 3/13  Buckling  SOLD

Chickipen is nut brown with dark brown and silver moonspots.  (Just takes just one moonspot to create future moonspot magic in your herd!)  Darker dorsal stripe with a white patch on his head.  Brown eyes.  He is horned.  

Dam #4
Best News Ever.JPG

E4568 Syncope Falls Best News Ever

This girl is from a set of quadruplets, so we decided to supplement her with a bottle.  She is everyone's best friend on the farm and will make sure that you are never alone!  She is moonspotted and we hope that she throws some beauties for her first kidding season!

Doeling #1
I Can only Imagine doe3.JPG

Syncope Falls Cheery Canvas  DOB 3/19  Doeling Retained

I could never have imagined what a colorful, fun doeling Best News Ever would have this spring!  God truly must have enjoyed painting this happy canvas of a doeling!  She is heavily moonspotted with reds, browns, silver, and chocolate splotches.  Blue eyes, Excellent conformation!  She's a keeper for certain.

Dam #5
Caleb's young doeling.jpg

D8730 Syncope Falls Virginia Blue Belle

She is as beautiful as her name sake!  She is deep blue in color and has cashmere in her coat for the winter.  She is solidly built and an excellent mother with very strong fainting traits.

Va Bluebelle bucks.JPG
Va bluebelle blue buckling.JPG

Buckling #1  SOLD

Syncope Falls Mountain Mania  DOB 3/16  $300

For those farms looking for a Blue Herdshire, HERE HE IS!  He is belted blue with darker blue stockings and star pattern on his head.  BLUE eyes to top it off!  We were SO happy when this buckling hit the ground!  He is a solid, huge boy and will make a great hershire!  Perfect conformation! 

Va bluebelle roan buck.JPG

Buckling #2  SOLD

Syncope Falls Mountain Magic  DOB 3/16  $300

Mountain Magic is a combination of blue and red.  It gives his coat a purplish hue, just like our "Purple Mountains Majesty!"  His eyes are brown.  Solid, huge buckling like his brother.  Perfect conformation!  He is horned.

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