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Pairing of Starfall Hollow Moonspotted Mountain Man "MMM" and the following does:


Moonspotted Mtn Man2.JPG

E4558 Starfall Hollow Moonspotted Mountain Man

"MMM" is from the 2020 kidding season of Starfall Hollow.  He is heavily spotted throughout his red toned coat, has crystal blue eyes, and naturally polled.  He is completely unrelated to any of our Syncope Falls goats, so we are very excited to add his lineage to our farm.  Looking for great kids from this mountain man!

Dam #1
Best News Ever.JPG

E4568 Syncope Falls Best News Ever

This girl is from a set of quadruplets, so we decided to supplement her with a bottle.  She is everyone's best friend on the farm and will make sure that you are never alone!  She is moonspotted and we hope that she throws some beauties for her second kidding season!

Best News ever buck.JPG

Syncope Falls Opportunity Knocks

Buckling       DOB  3/14/24    For Sale $500

           (Hold for Cruise loving Melissa)

This buckling is a traditional black and white boy, but with the added bling of chocolate moonspots!  Blue eyes and polled.  Perfect conformation!

Syncope Falls Ima Treasure!

Doeling     DOB  3/14/24    For Sale    $550

Ima is a traditional black and white doeling with chocolate  and silver moonspots!  Her eyes are blue and she may be polled.  Perfect conformation!

Best news ever doe2.JPG
Dam #2

E5781 Syncope Falls Mary Gold

How we LOVE this girl's long hair!  Mary Gold is a heavily built, light red, long haired, blue eyed dream of a goat!  Last year was her first kidding season and her kids were as heavily built as she was, with one buckling having her long hair.  Her kid's pictures never made it to the website.....they were snatched up quickly!  Keep your eye on this girl in March!

marygold buck.JPG

Syncope Falls Ramrod

Buckling        DOB 3/25/24         HOLD

Gorgeous red buckling with chocolate and silver moonspots.  This blue eyed trail hand was snatched up before his picture even hit the website.   We are waiting to see if he is polled.  

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