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Pairing of Syncope Falls Smilin' Jim Dandy                         with the following Does: 


Dam #1

 E9774 Syncope Falls Smilin' Jim Dandy


Smilin' Jim Dandy was retained from our 2021 kidding season!  He is greyish blue/brown in color with chocolate moonspots and blue eyes.  Facial striping, and dorsal stripe.  Myotonia at 6/6.  Classic "ripple" of the ears.  Perfect conformation

Delta Dawn2_edited.jpg

D0407 Syncope Falls Delta Dawn

Delta Dawn is the last doeling out of Lady Traveler, who was our very first Fainting Goat and the Alpha of the herd.  Delta Dawn carries on this trait (as seen by her studded leather collar and bell).  She is blue and white and queen of the farm!

Smilin Jim Dandy.JPG
Delta dawn doe3.JPG

Syncope Falls SHAZAM!

DOB   3/21/24       For Sale    

Delta Dawn's doeling is a SUPER HERO!!  She is SO FLASHY with her facial markings, crystal blue eyes, and perfect conformation!!  Her super power is bringing smiles to every face!  We love to watch her dance and twirl in the fields!

delta dawn doe4.JPG
Dam #2
Heidi Ho5.JPG

E4557  Syncope Falls Heidi Ho

Heidi Ho was retained from our 2020 kidding season and is a mystical, magical wonder!  This white and blue long haired doe kidded the prettiest blue and white twins last spring that were spoken for in 48 hours of being posted!  She comes from some of our oldest lines and is a mixture of everything that we love!  She has perfect conformation and is rated 5/6 for myotonia.  Classic ripples of the ears.

Heidi Ho bucklings.JPG

Syncope Falls Blue Tradition 

Buckling   DOB   3/11/24    SOLD   $350

Blue Tradition is a gorgeous blue boy with a full white belt.  He has blue eyes with frosted ears.  Perfect conformation!  He may even sport the long hair like his mother!

Heidi Ho buckling2.JPG
Heido Ho buckling1.JPG

Syncope Falls Smoke on the Mountain

Buckling   DOB   3/11/24      SOLD

Smoke on the Mountain is a gorgeous deep blue buckling with a broken belt.  He has blue eyes and we are waiting to see if he will be longed hair like his mother!

Dam #3
Twice in a blue moon.JPG

F1404 Syncope Falls Twice In a Blue Moon

When this doeling was born, we were floored!  She was the spitting image of her mother (Once in a Blue Moon) who was named accordingly to her red/blue/white patterning that gave her a purple hue.  This coloration is known to throw the prettiest blues and reds that we have on the farm.  With strong fainting traits, blue eyes, and perfect conformation, we are very excited for her first kidding season!

Twice in a blue moon buck.JPG

Syncope Falls I'm Your Huckleberry

Buckling       DOB   3/12/24      SOLD    $350


I'm Your Huckleberry is a mix of a red and blue roan in coloration with a darker purple star burst pattern on the face with brown racing stripes.  Frosted ears, with blue eyes.  Perfect conformation.        

Syncope Falls Rambling Fever

Buckling   DOB   3/12/24     SOLD    $350

After you see Rambling Fever....he will get in your blood!  He is a gorgeous buckling with black leggings, dorsal stripe, belly, and facial markings.  A rich red/cocoa coloration with perfect conformation and blue eyes. 

Twice in a blue moon buck2.JPG
Dam #4
TN pistol.JPG

F3876 Circle H Fainting Farm Tennessee Pistol

Tennessee Pistol is from our good friends April and Wes Hardin in TN.  This will be her second kidding season and we are so excited to see what she will produce!  She has excellent conformation, blue eyes, and is solidly built!  Permanent Grand Champions in her lineage.

Syncope Falls Hello Dolly

Doeling    DOB  3/22/24     SOLD       $350

Dolly is a white doe with blue eyes and a pink nose.  She sparkles in the sun!  A solid built doeling with perfect conformation!

Tn Pistol doe.JPG
TN pistol buck.JPG

Syncope Falls Remington

Buckling  DOB  3/22/24     For Sale   

Remington is a black and white buckling with brown eyes.  He sports the traditional colors of the myotonic breed.  Built solid!

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