Pairing of Syncope Falls Titan with the following Does: 

D4432 Syncope Falls Bonnie Lass

While she is shiny as a lucky penny in the summer, she displays a thick coat of cashmere in the winter months.  With the luck of the Irish, we hope for her kids to carry on this same trait!  Permanent Grand Champion in her lineage.

Dam #1

Pot 'O Gold      DOB  03/18/21     $400 HOLD

Bonnie Lass could not have done better if she had tried!  This buckling is amazing!!  He is a beautiful red with black, chocolate, and silver moonspots.  Bright blue eyes to boot.  He's a treasure and he knows it!   

Wee Lassie    DOB 03/18   $350

This Lassie is completely adorable!  She is constantly hopping sideways and dancing throughout the field spreading her joy.  She is a lighter red than her brother with Blue eyes.  She may be polled.  

Dam #2

D0406 Syncope Falls To Catch a Fallin' Star

This doe is built like a brick!  Thick and solid!  The last time that she was bred to Titan, she threw one of the prettiest moonspotted doelings that we have seen!  We are wishing on a Star that she will do it again this year!  Permanent Grand Champion in her lineage.

HOSS   DOB   03/27     $300     HOLD

Hoss is HUGE!  He is a flashy buckling with chocolate and silver moonspots, with a chocolate moonspot right on his nose.  Frosted ears with honey brown eyes.  May be polled.  Excellent conformation

TANK   DOB   03/27     $250

Tank is just as solid and huge as his brother.  He will rock your world!  Traditional, heritage pattern of black and white.  He has frosted ears and a frosted bridle.  May be polled.  Excellent conformation.

updated 04/12/2021

Hiwassee, VA