Pairing of Syncope Falls Smilin' Jim Dandy                         with the following Does: 

meningeal doe.JPG

D4432 Syncope Falls Bonnie Lass

While she is shiny as a lucky penny in the summer, she displays a thick coat of cashmere in the winter months.  With the luck of the Irish, we hope for her kids to carry on this same trait!  Permanent Grand Champion in her lineage.

Dam #1
Dam #2
Backwoods Barbie5.jpg

D4436 Syncope Falls Backwoods Barbie II

This white and deep red, blue eyed beauty is

polled and a favorite of the farm. Her lines include Moonlight Farms and Beavertree Farm.  She is very tame and has appeared in multiple church activities!

Dam #3

D4435 Syncope Falls Moxy

Moxy is true to her name sake!  She is full of sass and spunk, gorgeous, and she knows it!  Her mother was part of the myotonic goat herd at A&M University.  Moxy can also boast of a Permanent Grand Champion in her lines.  Flashy with racing stripes on the face, uniform marking, and crystal blue eyes!  She is an excellent mother and throws wonderful kids!

Dam #4
Heidi Ho2.JPG

E4557  Syncope Falls Heidi Ho

Heidi Ho was retained from our 2020 kidding season.  It will be the first kidding season for this white and blue long haired doeling.  She comes from some of our oldest lines and is a mixture of everything that we love!  She has perfect conformation and is rated 5/6 for myotonia.

Dam #5

C7918  Moonlight Farms Peanut

Peanut is a full sister to our buck, Jasper.  She is a wonderful mother who passes on her strong qualities to her kids.  She is reddish tan with blue eyes.