Pairing of Syncope Falls Titan with the following Does: 

2020 Kids Are Coming!

A9553 Full Moon Farm Emmie

Emmie, affectionately known as the farm's own "mystical, magical unicorn" had broken her horn as a doeling and did not meet show standards, so the owner at the time agreed to sell her.  She has always thrown flashy kids that are just as magical as their moma!

B0250 Syncope Falls Dixie Land Delight

Dixie is a lead doe in her herd and is from some of our oldest lines on the farm.  She is blue and white and has never disappointed us with the kids that she produces.  Just be sure not to "look away, look away, look away (Dixie Land)" and miss the chance to add one of her Delights to your farm!

D8729 Syncope Falls Misty Morning

This is Misty's first kidding season.  She is a blue and white doe with farms such as: Mach-n-Farm, B's Barn, Moonlight Farms, and Providence Farm in her lineage.

D8730 Syncope Falls Virginia Blue Belle

She is as beautiful as her name sake!  It will be this doe's first kidding season and we know that she will not disappoint!

D4432 Syncope Falls Bonnie Lass

While she is shiny as a lucky penny in the summer, she displays a thick coat of cashmere in the winter months.  With the luck of the Irish, we hope for her kids to carry on this same trait!  Permanent Grand Champion in her lineage.

D8731 Syncope Falls Moonlight Delight

She is the daughter of Once in a Blue Moon and lays claim to the red/blue roan coloration.  We know her kids will be Delightful!  

I Can Afford To Be Late           SOLD

DOB  03/25/2020       $250   Buckling

I have been waiting for days for Emmie to kid.  She throws such huge and stunning kids!  I Can Afford To Be Late is an exceptional buckling!  He is tricolored, huge, and the perfect Herd Shire!  Polled.  Does carry the moonspotted gene.

Tennessee Saturday Night          HOLD

DOB 03/26/20   Buckling    $200

Tennessee is from some of our oldest TN lines on the farm.  He is a solid black, chunk of a buckling.  Perfect conformation with honey brown eyes.  We are waiting to see if he will be polled.  Carries the moonspotted gene.

Soft Southern Thrill             SOLD

DOB 03/26/20     Doeling   $300

Soft Southern Thrill can be seen high stepping in around the farm.  She is young, but mighty!  Excellent conformation, like her brother.  You will be thrilled to add her to your farm!  Polled.  Honey brown eyes and carries the moonspotted gene.  Reddish tint to her coat.

Captain America!

DOB 03/25/20    Buckling  $350  HOLD

What else could we name him with his Patriot colors of Red, White, and Blue?  He has a petal pattern thrown into his coat and a dark blue dorsal stripe.  He carries the moonspotted gene, perfect conformation.  Blue eyes.  He will be the super hero on someone's farm!

Here he is in action!


DOB 03/28/20   Doeling    $300        SOLD

Doxology - a name that fits this doeling to a "T".  Actually, it was my cousin Dirk's, idea.....but Doxology is a song that everyone loves and it says so much in such a short time!  This doeling has perfect conformation, is a deep blue with white highlights - a must for any farm!  She carries the moonspotted gene and we are waiting to see if she will be polled.  It's a joy to see her rejoicing in the fields as spring awakens!

Irish Blessing

DOB 04/01/20         Doeling         Retained

How I cherish Irish prayers and blessings ..... rejoicing in God and nature even in times of trouble!  This moonspotted Blue eyed girl made us rejoice when we saw her.  We can't wait to see what she will bless us with on the farm!

Blue Jean Baby         SOLD

DOB 03/13/20   $400     Doeling    

Blue as blue can be!  You won't find a more stunning blue doeling as Blue Jean Baby.  Who will snatch her up first?

Jeannie In a Bottle

DOB 03/13/20  $300    SOLD

Jeannie is magical with her blue head and roan/blue neckline.  A white heart adorns her head to show you her love.

Updated as of:  12/24/2020

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