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Pairing of Syncope Falls Smilin' Jim Dandy                         with the following Does: 


Dam #1
Smilin Jim7.JPG

 E9774 Syncope Falls Smilin' Jim Dandy


Smilin' Jim Dandy was retained from our 2021 kidding season!  He is greyish blue/brown in color with chocolate moonspots and blue eyes.  Facial striping, and dorsal stripe.  Myotonia at 6/6.  Classic "ripple" of the ears.  Perfect conformation

sweet spot.JPG

F1393 Syncope Falls Sweet Spot!

Sweet Spot was retained from our 2021 kidding season.  She is the daughter of Moonspotted Mtn Man and Emmie (who was 13 when she kidded Sweet Spot and her sister).  Along with her snazzy black and white patterning, she is moonspotted, naturally polled with sky blue eyes.  We look forward to her first kidding season!

Sweet spot doe1.JPG
Sweet spot doe red2.JPG

Doeling #1  SOLD

Syncope Falls Sugar Magnolia  DOB 3/10  $350

Pure White and SO SWEET!  Just like a magnolia bloom.  I can't tell you how shocked I was when their momma came walking through the woods with these two doelings!  I can't remember the last time that we had a pure white doeling.  Eyes are blue.  Perfect conformation.  She is horned.

Doeling #2  SOLD

Syncope Falls Sugar Cube  DOB 3/10  $350

"Sugar" is white like her sister, but has a little patch of red on her neck.  Her eyes are BLUE.  She also has perfect conformation and will be a wonderful addition to any farm!  Snatch her up while you can!  She is POLLED!

Sweet spot does.JPG
Dam #2
Heidi Ho5.JPG

E4557  Syncope Falls Heidi Ho

Heidi Ho was retained from our 2020 kidding season and is a mystical, magical wonder!  This white and blue long haired doe kidded the prettiest blue and white twins last spring that were spoken for in 48 hours of being posted!  She comes from some of our oldest lines and is a mixture of everything that we love!  She has perfect conformation and is rated 5/6 for myotonia.  Classic ripples of the ears.

Heidi Ho buck3.JPG

Buckling #1  SOLD 

Syncope Falls Painter's Palette DOB 3/16  $300

What a gorgeous buckling and OH SO LUCKY!  He is going to live at Carol's farm/retreat!  He will be SO LOVED and spoiled rotten!  This buckling is a moonspotted eye catcher in the field.  Everyone that stops by, remarks on how striking he looks.  Perfect conformation.  Heidi Ho threw another winner this year!

Dam #3
2x B moon2.JPG
2x blue moon kids.JPG

F1404 Syncope Falls Twice In a Blue Moon

When this doeling was born, we were floored!  She was the spitting image of her mother (Once in a Blue Moon) who was named accordingly to her red/blue/white patterning that gave her a purple hue.  This coloration is known to throw the prettiest blues and reds that we have on the farm.  With strong fainting traits, blue eyes, and perfect conformation, we are very excited for her first kidding season!

Twice in a blue moon buck.JPG

Buckling #1

Syncope Falls Blue Grass Beau   DOB 3/14 $300

Gorgeous Blue Buckling with white and red highlights.  Broken white belt.  Blue eyes.  Excellent conformation!  Great addition to any farm for a herdshire.

Twice in blue moon doeling.JPG

Doeling #2   SOLD

Syncope Falls Blue Grass Betty DOB 3/14 $350

Beautiful blue doeling with red roan stockings and head markings.  She has blue eyes and perfect conformation.  These kids are out of some of our oldest lines!

Dam #4
meningeal doe.JPG

D4432 Syncope Falls Bonnie Lass

While she is shiny as a lucky penny in the summer, she displays a thick coat of cashmere in the winter months.  With the luck of the Irish, we hope for her kids to carry on this same trait!  Permanent Grand Champion in her lineage.

Triplets for Bonnie Lass!
Meningeal goat black buck.JPG

Buckling (or wether) #1   SOLD

Syncope Falls Buckshot     

DOB 3/14

Buckshot was the first buckling born.  Solid black with brown eyes.  His conformation is good, but it has really been a "buck year" for us, so if you would like to purchase a solid black wether, just let us know!

Meningeal goat brown buck.JPG

Buckling (or wether) #2  SOLD

Syncope Falls Barbed Wire 

Barbed Wire has a couple different shades of brown in his coat.  Brown eyes with good conformation.  

Meningeal goat bottle baby.JPG

Buckling (or wether) #3  SOLD

Syncope Falls Son Of A Gun!  DOB 3/14  $300

That's exactly what we said......."Son Of A GUN!"  when the third baby born was another buckling!  Son Of a Gun has good conformation, but he was smaller in size than his brothers, so we went ahead and made him a bottle baby.  (He can be your new BFF!)  Friendly, sweet, colorful, with blue eyes and will be horned.  

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