Updated as of:  04/05/2020

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Hiwassee, VA



Pairing of Moonlight Farms Jasper and the following Does:

Here Comes the Sun  

DOB 03/12/20   $400

This striking doeling gives new meaning to the beetles song, Here Comes the Sun (do-do-do-do).  She is a deep red with sky BLUE eyes.  Brown dorsal stripe.

D8731 Syncope Falls Moonlight Delight

She is the daughter of Once in a Blue Moon and lays claim to the red/blue roan coloration.  We know her kids will be Delightful!  

B0255 Syncope Falls Hiwassee Belle

Belle gets her some of her strong TN lines from Mach-n-Farm, Goulet's Ranch, Providence Farm.  She is a staple on the farm and we love the red tones that she produces.


DOB 03/24/20    Buckling      $250

We are retiring Hiwassee Belle after this kidding season and she is going out with a bang!  Copperhead is a red buckling with white frosted ears and a frosted bridle across his nose.  Excellent conformation.  Blue eyes.

Hey JUDE!  

DOB 03/09/20  $250

Hey JUDE will make it better in your herd as an outstanding Herd shire! Striking buckling with a deep reddish coat highlighted with a black belly and black dorsal stripe.  Face markings, BLUE eyes and frosted ears to boot!

Jeannie In a Bottle

DOB 03/13/20  $350

Jeannie is magical with her blue head and roan/blue neckline.  A white heart adorns her head to show you her love.

Red Bonnie Boop II

DOB  03/24/20   Doeling   $400   HOLD

Such a brillian and deep red!  We love this line so much that we are naming her after her Grandmother who brought the REDs to the farm, Red Bonnie Boop I.  Blue eyes.  Perfect conformation.  

C9937 Syncope Falls Hiwassee Hooch

Hiwasse Hooch sports a Permanent Grand

Champion in her lines!  She is a solid TN/TX line doe that throws exceptional kids!  Put some hooch into your herd!!

C1086 Syncope Falls Wings Of A Dove

What a show stopper!  Wings never ceases to amaze us each kidding season with gorgeous kids!  And no, we have never brushed her ... her horns do all the work!

Southern Sparkle

DOB 03/22/20   $350  Doeling

Sparkle is a large sized doeling with a reddish/brown coat.  Dorsal stripe down her back.  Piercing sky blue eyes!  Gorgeous!!

How Great Thou Art(hur)

DOB 03/21/20    $250  Buckling

In sticking with our favorite hymnals, How Great Thou Arthur fits this buckling well!  He is marked so symmetrical with his white blazes on his black, flower petal pattern coat.  Blue eyes.  He will make a great Herdshire!

Amazing Gracie

DOB 03/21/20        $350   Doeling

Amazing Gracie is truly amazing!  Her coat is a peach and cream coloration.  A light peach color with a white belt and a white heart on her head.  She has Blue eyes.  You will be amazed about how lovely she truly is!

2020 Kids Are Coming!

C8044 Syncope Falls Once In A Blue Moon

This doe is a red and blue roan whose coat sports a purplish hue.  She has a star burst pattern on her face.  She is a combo of some of our oldest lines on the farm, along with Bs Barn, 7FA, and Two Creek Farm.

Blue Jean Baby  

DOB 03/13/20   $400     Doeling    HOLD

Blue as blue can be!  You won't find a more stunning blue doeling as Blue Jean Baby.  Who will snatch her up first?