Pairing of Moonlight Farms Jasper and the following Does:

Jumpin Jack Flash.JPG

Pairing of does with Jumpin' Jack Flash

E9777  Syncope Falls Jumping Jack Flash (He's a Gas,Gas, Gas!)

What a magical, Moonspotted, marvel he is!  Blue, silver, and brown moonspots on a coat of black.  This buckling was retained from our 2021 kidding season.  He is 6 monthis old in the picture.  He is the son of Moonspotted Mountain Man.  He is grade 5/6 for Myotonia.  Perfect conformation.

Dam #1:
Misty Morning.JPG

D8729  Syncope Falls Misty Morning

Misty is out of our retired buck, Smoke on the Mountains and has Delta Dawn as her mother.  Having a blue sire and dam as parents, Misty is known to throw some beautiful blue kids.  She is an excellent mother and is rated high on the myotonia scale.  

Delta dawn buck3.JPG

Syncope Falls Blue Suede Shoes

DOB  3/2/22  Buckling     Available

With a father whose name is Jumpin' Jack Flash, Blue Suede Shoes is ready to rock and roll!  He's a tricky one to take a picture of.....he is always dancing and twisting through the field!  This blue and white buckling will add some pizzazz to your farm!  He has brown eyes and will be horned.  

Dam #2
Moonspotted Mona Lisa2.JPG
Madame Butterfuly.JPG

E1808  Syncope Falls Moonspotted Mona Lisa

Mona is the daughter of Titan and is a work of art!  She is heavily moonspotted, and naturally polled.  Honey brown eyes with a cashmiere 

coat in the winter.  This will be her first kidding season!

moonspotted mona boy.JPG

Syncope Falls Madame Butterfly

Doeling  DOB  3/10/22   Retained

I was so excited when Mona Lisa had this doeling, that I had butterflies in my stomach!  She is blue, heavily moon spotted doeling with black and silver markings.  

Syncope Falls Hillbilly Shakespeare

Buckling  DOB  3/10/22   $300 SOLD

This buckling is poetry by himself!  He sports the traditional black and white pattern of myotonics, and wears it with such style!  Eyes are brown and we are waiting to see if he will be polled.  Add some additional class to your farm with our Hillbilly Shakespeare!

Dam #3
Once in a Blue Moon doe_edited.jpg
Moonlight delight doe update.JPG

D8731 Syncope Falls Moonlight Delight

She is the daughter of Once in a Blue Moon and lays claim to the red/blue roan coloration.  We know her kids will be Delightful!  

Moonlight delight buck4.JPG

Syncope Falls Blue Birdie

Doeling      DOB  3/26/22  SOLD  $650

Blue Birdie is quite the eye catcher!!  She sports a beautiful blue and white color and is belted.  Her white patch sets off her reddish facial stripes.  Blue eyes with perfect conformation.  She is MOONSPOTTED! If you were hoping for a beautiful blue doeling to add to your herd, here she is!

Syncope Falls Mountain Splendor

Buckling   DOB   3/26/22   Available  

Mountain Splendor sports a blue and red roan mix of coloration in his coat that gives him a purplish hue.  He is belted and has a white patch on his head.  Eyes are marbled blue but may change.  He has perfect conformation.

Dam #4
Pink Champagne.jpg

C9936  Syncope Falls Pink Champagne

This girl was retained from the 2016 kidding season, out of one of my favorite all time does.  She has bragging rights to a Permanent Grand Champion in her lineage.  When she was born, her color was a pinkish/red color that we had to toast to!  She is an exceptional mother and excellent fainter.  

Willa Wa update.JPG

Syncope Falls Willa Wa

Doeling  DOB  3/12/22   Retained

Willa Wa is a term used for "strong winds" in Alaska.  This little doeling was born during a freak winter storm this spring with very high winds.  Lucky for us, this little doeling was born healthy and well!  We love her heavily moonspotted pattern and will keep this little windstorm on the farm!

Dam #5
Dilly Dilly 2.jpg

D4431 Syncope Falls Dilly Dilly

Dilly Dilly was choosen by one of our sons to be a part of his own herd at a young age.  The tips of her ears were frost biten the night she was born, but her hardiest was not touched.  This stout doe throws heavy built kids.

dilly buck1.JPG

Whoo Hoo

DOB  3/4/22  SOLD

This buckling is a handsome jack, who do to no fault of his own, has some conformation flaws and can not be registered.  May be polled

Dilly Dilly wether2.JPG

Whoop D-Doo

DOB  3/4/22  SOLD

Whoop D Do is a handsome boy with moonspots.  And like his brother, due to conformation issues, he can not be registered.  May be polled

Dam #6

sugar's buck.JPG
Dixie Crystal 2_edited.jpg

D4433 Syncope Falls Dixie Crystal

Affectionately known as "Sugar", she is a 

daughter of Smoke on the Mountain, and 

from the oldest lines on the farm.  She is a 

gorgeous blue and white doeling who sports

a cashmere coat in the winter.   

Sugar doe2.JPG

Syncope Falls Eye of the Goat (Tiger)

Buckling     DOB  3/27/22    SOLD

Well, this is what happens when I my son is listening to 80s classics and I am working on the website!!  I couldn't help but name this black buckling Eye of the Goat because of the perfect eye marking on his side (but of course, we will change his name to whatever his new farm desires.)  He is black with white markings on both sides.  Eyes are brown and will be horned.  Great conformation!

Syncope Falls Pure Larapen

Doeling   DOB   3/27/22    $500  SOLD

My son may have 80s classics playing in the background, but I have Gunsmoke on the TV!  Festus just explained that Pure Larapen is the term to describe a rare beauty, which is perfect for this doeling!  She is a dark blue with a black patch on her head and a flowery pattern of blue in her white belt.  She will be horned.  Eyes are brown.  Great conformation!