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Pairing of Moonlight Farms Jasper and the following Does:

Jumpin Jack Flash.JPG

Pairing of does with Jumping                         Jack Flash

E9777  Syncope Falls Jumping Jack Flash (He's a Gas,Gas, Gas!)

What a magical, Moonspotted, marvel he is!  Blue, silver, and brown moonspots on a coat of black.  This buckling was retained from our 2021 kidding season.  He is 6 months old in the picture.  He is the son of Moonspotted Mountain Man.  He is grade 5/6 for Myotonia.  Perfect conformation.

Dam #1:
Sweetie6 (2).JPG

F1397 Syncope Falls Sweety

Sweety was retained from out 2021 kidding season.  She is the sister to Blessy, one of our moonspotted marvels!  Sweety is true to her name and very good natured.  Along with her excellent conformation she also boasts of strong fainting traits.

Sweetie buckling.JPG

Buckling #1  HOLD

Syncope Falls Bonafide  DOB 3/11   $650

This buckling is BONAFIDED!  He is cream in color, and heavily mooonspotted with a silver, black, and chocolate pattern.  Brown eyes.  He will be horned.  Excellent herdshire!  It will be exciting to see how this cream heavily moonspotted buckling will throw crazy patterns in his new herd!

Doeling #2

Syncope Falls Mosaic  DOB 3/11  Retained

Mosaic is a cream doeling that is highly moonspotted like her brother.  She is smaller in size, but a complete treasure just the same!

Sweetie doeling.JPG
Sweetie kids.jpg
Sweety buck.JPG
Dam #2
Backwoods Barbie5.jpg

D4436 Syncope Falls Backwoods Barbie II

This white and deep red, blue eyed beauty is

polled and a favorite of the farm. Her lines include Moonlight Farms and Beavertree Farm.  She is very tame and has appeared in multiple church activities!

Barbies buck.JPG

Buckling #1

Syncope Falls Bootleg Bandit DOB 3/14  $300

We had to try, and try to get a nice head on picture of this boy.......but he just wouldn't stop jumping around!  And who could blame him....he is huge, plump, and FLASHY!  He is tri-colored with black, white, and RED facial stripes and leggins.  brown eyes and he is POLLED.  He has perfect conformation and will be an excellent herdshire!

Dam #3

F1403 Syncope Falls Doxology

One neighbor asked why we named this doeling Doxology..... we were singing God's praises when she was born!  She is definitely a favorite on the farm.  Solidly built, heavily moonspotted, excellent fainter, and the first greeter at the gate each morning!  This will be her first kidding season and I know that we will be singing praises again once she kids!

Doxology buckling3.JPG

Buckling #1   SOLD

Syncope Falls Mountain Man  DOB 3/16  $300

This buckling is HUGE!  Traditional black and white, but with a Mountain Range pattern on his side!  Eyes are brown.  He will be horned.  Excellent conformation.

Dam #4
Knockout nicole.JPG

F1401 Syncope Falls Knockout Nicole

Knockout Nicole was retained from our 2021 kidding season and she is the daughter of Johnny on the Spot and Rising Sun.  This will be her first kidding season and we are very excited to see if she passes on her excellent conformation, strong fainting traits, and gentle temperament.

Nicoles brown buck.JPG

Buckling #1   SOLD

Syncope Falls Jericho DOB 3/18  $300

Red buckling with dark brown highlights on his legs and dorsal stripe.  Belted.  Brown eyes.  Great conformation.  He will be a medium sized buckling.

Nicoles blk buck.JPG

Buckling #2  SOLD

Syncope Falls Shady Grove DOB 3/18  $300

I really like the look of the sky blue eyes on a darker colored goat!  Shady Grove is a handsome buckling with great conformation.  Traditional black and white markings.  

Dam #6
Dixie Crystal 2_edited.jpg

D4433 Syncope Falls Dixie Crystal

Affectionately known as "Sugar", she is a 

daughter of Smoke on the Mountain, and is 

out of the oldest lines on the farm.  She is a 

gorgeous blue and white doe who sports

a cashmere coat in the winter.   

Sugar buckling2.JPG

Buckling or Wether #1

Syncope Falls BUDDY!  DOB 3/13  SOLD

We were present when Dixie's kids were born, but somehow this buckling slipped out of the stall and began nursing another doe.  We put him back with Dixie, but he had already figured out how to steal milk.  He even began wanting milk from the bottle when we fed the babies.  So yes, we continue to offer milk to him and he has become our "BUDDY".  He is black with minimal moonspots. Brown eyes and OH SO FRIENDLY!

Sugar doe2.JPG

Doeling #2  SOLD

Syncope Falls Tupelo Honey DOB 3/13  $300

What a sweet heart!  Tupelo Honey is a mostly solid black doeling with minimal white markings.  She does have silver moonspots.  She will be a solid doe!  Perfect conformation.  She will be horned.

Dam #7
Delta Dawn doe3.JPG

D8729  Syncope Falls Misty Morning

Misty is out of our retired buck, Smoke on the Mountain and has Delta Dawn as her mother.  Having a blue sire and dam as parents, Misty is known to throw some beautiful blue kids.  She is an excellent mother and is rated high on the myotonia scale.  

Misty morning lt blue buck.JPG

Buckling #1   SOLD

Syncope Falls Beau  DOB 3/17  $300

Beau is a light blue boy with a white belt and highlights.  Frosted ears.  He has brown eyes and will be horned.  We can't wait to see how he matures.  Great conformation.

Misty Morning buck3.JPG

Buckling (or Wether) #2 SOLD

Syncope Falls "Looking for Carol"  DOB 3/17

GORGEOUS BLUE and white combo on this buckling!  I do believe that he is looking for CAROL!  

Dam #8
Once in a Blue Moon doe_edited.jpg

D8731 Syncope Falls Moonlight Delight

She is the daughter of Once in a Blue Moon and lays claim to the red/blue roan coloration.  Delight always throws solidly built kids that are snatched up quickly!  She is an excellent mother and fainter.

Moonlight Delight kids.JPG
Moonlight Delight blue buck.JPG

Buckling #1

Syncope Falls Mountain Delight   $350  SOLD

I love this line!  Beautiful blues always come out of it.  This buckling has perfect conformation, a gorgeous blue with blue eyes, and solid to boot!  He will make a great herdshire!  Any farm would be happy to add him as an addition.

Moonlight delight purple doe.JPG

Doeling #2  

Syncope Falls Rock Candy   $450  SOLD

Gorgeous red and blue roan doeling with red leggings and highlights on her face with a star burst pattern.  She is the spitting image of her grandmother, Once In a Blue Moon.  Excellent conformation.  Blues eyes and will be horned.

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