Pairing of Moonlight Farms Jasper and the following Does:

Once in a Blue Moon2.jpg
Dam #1:

C8044 Syncope Falls Once In A Blue Moon

This doe is a red and blue roan whose coat sports a purplish hue.  She has a star burst pattern on her face.  She is a combo of some of our oldest lines on the farm, along with Bs Barn, 7FA, and Two Creek Farm.

Once in a blue moon doe.JPG

Twice In a Blue Moon  03/19   Retained

In our 25+ years of raising myotonics, we have only had this color combination 3 times.  The red/blue roan mixture creates a purplish hue.  The red starburst pattern on the face, along with the blue dorsal stripe mimics her mother.  Blue eyes and a frosted ears top off this amazing doeling!

Once upon a blue moon buckling2.JPG

Tailor Made    03/19   $250   AVAILABLE

This buckling is a ligter red than his father, but he will make someone an excellent herdshire!  He has a red star pattern on his face, topped off with white coloration.  Frosted ears with a red dorsal stripe.  Eyes are blue but may change

Dam #2
Ripples of Laughter2.jpg
ripples buck2.JPG

Jubilee Tanner   DOB  03/26   $250 SOLD

This picture was taken at a couple of hours old, but farms have been waiting to see Ripples kids, so I wanted to get the pic posted.  Jubilee is an extremely flashy tri-colored buckling with bright blue eyes.  He is a cross of TN/TX lines and will be an excellent herdshire.  

C8040 Syncope Falls Ripples of Laughter

Ripples is a solid TN/TX doe that has bragging rights to lines that include Mach-n-Farm, B's Barn, Providence Farms, and Branch Creek.  She is a blue & white girl that produces wonderful kids.  We know that you will be laughing with glee to add one of her kids to your farm!

Ripples L buck1.JPG

Shady Grove   DOB   03/26    $300  SOLD

This picture was taken at a couple of hours old.  I will update it soon, weather permitting.  Shady Grove is a Red Roan, with blue on his legs and head.  White markings add to his striking look.  Bright blue eyes.  I pair my blue goats with my red ones, just hoping that this color combination will come out, and rarly this happens!  He is a song all to himself!!

Dam #3
Once in a Blue Moon doe_edited.jpg

D8731 Syncope Falls Moonlight Delight

She is the daughter of Once in a Blue Moon and lays claim to the red/blue roan coloration.  We know her kids will be Delightful!  

blue girl with eyebrows.JPG

Sweet Southern Thrill     DOB  3/21    $400  SOLD

I was Thrilled when I first laid my eyes on this doeling!  She is a dark blue with red eyebrows, and red leggings.  Frosted ears with bright blue eyes!  Classic myotonic "ripple" of the ears.  Perfect conformation.  Her name says it all!!

Dam #4
Hiwassee Hooch_edited.jpg

C9937 Syncope Falls Hiwassee Hooch

Hiwasse Hooch sports a Permanent Grand

Champion in her lines!  She is a solid TN/TX line doe that throws exceptional kids!  Put some hooch into your herd!!

Hiwassee Hooch twins.JPG

Well, I'm sad to say that Hiwassee Hooch may have put too much Hooch into her kids.  They have a slight conformation flaw, and we will only sell them as pet quality.  (All kids that we offer for sell have excellent conformation, unless otherwise stated.)  The red one (Frit) is a doeling, and Frat is her brother.  If interested, drop us a line!  They will not be sold with registration papers.  Both sport blue eyes.