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Pairing of Moonlight Farms Jasper and the following Does:

Jumpin Jack Flash.JPG

Pairing of does with Jumping                         Jack Flash

E9777  Syncope Falls Jumping Jack Flash (He's a Gas,Gas, Gas!)

What a magical, Moonspotted, marvel he is!  Blue, silver, and brown moonspots on a coat of black.  This buckling was retained from our 2021 kidding season.  He is 6 months old in the picture.  He is the son of Moonspotted Mountain Man.  He is grade 5/6 for Myotonia.  Perfect conformation.

Dam #1:
Once in a Blue Moon doe_edited.jpg

D8731 Syncope Falls Moonlight Delight

She is the daughter of Once in a Blue Moon and lays claim to the red/blue roan coloration.  Delight always throws solidly built kids that are snatched up quickly!  She is an excellent mother and fainter.

Syncope Falls Thistle Down

Doeling     DOB 4/5/24        For Sale   $400

Perfect!  Thistle Down is a perfect blue and white doeling with blue eyes.  She will be a larger sized doeling, solid, with strong fainting traits and great conformation!  She will be snatched up quickly!

moonlight delight doe.JPG
Dam #2

E1808 Syncope Falls Moonspotted Mona Lisa

This will be Mona Lisa's third kidding season, and maybe the first time that her kids will be posted on the website.  The past two years, her kids were sold so quickly, there was no need to post them for sale.  She has thrown heavily moonspotted doelings with skirting the past two years.  Fingers crossed she will do it again!  Excellent mother with great conformation and strong fainting traits.

moonlight delight buck.JPG

Syncope Falls Shady Grove

Buckling      DOB    4/5/24      HOLD  $400

Gorgeous blue and white buckling with blue eyes and perfect conformation!  He will make an exceptional herd shire.  Shady Grove will be larger in size and an assest to any farm!

Dam #3
I can only imagine2.JPG

E1807 Syncope Falls I Can Only Imagine

This doe is such an asset to the farm!  She has made us proud with her kids from the past 2 years and we are looking forward to seeing what she throws this year!  She is highly myotonic, has great conformation, and is an excellent mother!


Syncope Falls Moves Like Jagger

Buckling     DOB  3/26/24    HOLD

WOW!  WOW!  WOW!  This buckling is a marbled wonder!!  It's so hard to take your eyes off of him on the field!  Perfect conformation!

Syncope Falls Satisfaction!

Buckling   DOB  3/26/24    For Sale   $300

Great conformation on this buckling.  He is minimally moon spotted, but just takes one moonspot to add extra bling to a future kid crop!  

ICOI buck2.JPG
Dam #4
Lucky You2.JPG

E1809 Syncope Falls Luck of the Irish

This traditional doeling was born with 

a horse shoe shape on her side.  We

felt very lucky to add her to our herd.

With Bonnie Lass as her mother, she

carries on our Irish theme.  (And YES, she does smile at you!!

Lucky U doe4.JPG
Lucky U girl1.JPG

Syncope Falls Sugar        HOLD

Doeling      DOB   3/15/24     For Sale   $400

Sugar is beautifully marked with the traditional black and white coloration.  Her markings are accentuated by her blue eyes!  Great conformation and just as sweet as she can be!

Lucky U does.JPG

Syncope Falls Spice     HOLD

Doeling         DOB  3/15/24     For Sale  $600

Spice also boasts of the traditional black and white coloration along with a white belting pattern.  Her color pattern is spiced with multiple moonspots throughtout!  Stark blue eyes and perfect conformation!  She is amazing!

Dam #5
Sweetie6 (2).JPG

F1397 Syncope Falls Sweety

Sweety was retained from out 2021 kidding season.  She is the sister to Blessy, one of our moonspotted marvels!  Sweety is true to her name and very good natured.  Along with her excellent conformation she also boasts of strong fainting traits.

Sweety doeling.JPG

Syncope Falls Picture Perfect

Doeling    DOB    3/14/24    HOLD    $650

GORGEOUS!!  Picture Perfect has perfect conformation, is cream in color and heavily moonspotted with coco, silver, and brown moonspots with a broken white belt. Zebra patterning on her legs.   Eyes are blue (but may change).  A picture of her is frame worthy!

Syncope Falls Sugar Magnolia

Doeling    DOB  3/14/24       For Sale  $350

Black and white doeling with brown eyes. 

?Moonspots (sometimes the chocolate moonspots take a while to show up completely).  Bold white stripe down the face with broken belt.  Perfect conformation.  She would be a wonderful addition to any farm! 

Sweety doeling4.JPG

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