Pairing of Smoke on The Mountain and the Following Does:

E1808  Syncope Falls Moonspotted Mona Lisa

Mona is the daughter of Titan and is a work of 

art!  She is heavily moonspotted, and naturally polled.  Honey brown eyes with a cashmiere 

coat in the winter.  This will be her first kidding season!

D0405 Syncope Falls Mercy Me, Moonspots!

Mercy Me is a combo of WP and B's Barn lines.She adds splashes of moonspots and color tothe herd.  Kids usually show her cashmere coatin the winter.  She is a sweet heart!

D4429 Syncope Falls Petaloosa

This fabulous doe has petal splashes of 

moonspots all over her!  She is a naturally

polled sweetheart!  Boasts a cashmere coat 

in winter time.

D4436 Syncope Falls Backwoods Barbie II

This white and deep red, blue eyed beauty is

polled and a favorite of the farm. Her lines include Moonlight Farms and Beavertree Farm.  She is very tame and has appeared in multiple church activities!

C5331 Syncope Falls Sweet Water

Sweet Water is built with both TN/TX lines.

She has sky blue eyes and wears her traditional

black and white colors so well!  She is one of the lead does in her herd.

C9938 Syncope Falls Fairy Child

Fairy Child is our largest blue and white doe with TN/TX lines.  She has marbled blue eyes and throws very sound kids that are built like a brick!

D4431 Syncope Falls Dilly Dilly

Dilly Dilly was choosen by one of our sons to be a part of his own herd at a young age.  The tips of her ears were frost biten the night she was born, but her hardiest was not touched.  This stout doe throws exceptionally built kids that are chosen quickly.

updated 01/30/2021


Hiwassee, VA