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Pairing of Captian America and the Following Does:


Capt Am4.JPG

Sire: E4572 Syncope Falls Captain America

This buck is a solidly built, medium sized TN/TX myotonic who was retained from our 2020 kidding season.  We could not part with him since he was Red, White, and Blue (with Blue eyes)!  Give him a shield and he could be a Super Hero!!  His lines include Moonlight Farms, B's Barn, and some of our original lines that we started with 25 years ago.  He rates 5/6 for myotonia.  

Dam #1:
Wings of a Dove2.jpg

C1086 Syncope Falls Wings Of A Dove

What a show stopper!  Wings never ceases to amaze us each kidding season with gorgeous kids!  And no, we have never brushed her ... her horns do all the work!

Wings buck.JPG

Buckling #1  SOLD

Syncope Falls Blue Tradition  DOB 3/17 $350

What a handsome dark blue/belted  buckling with red facial striping.  He has blue eyes, great conformation and may be long haired or at least have skirting.

Wings doe.JPG

Doeling #1  SOLD

Syncope Falls Jubilee DOB 3/17  $400

This lovely doeling is mostly solid white except for a dash of red on her neck and face.  She has sky blue eyes.

Dam #2:
Mercy Me Moonspots4.JPG

D0405 Syncope Falls Mercy Me, Moonspots!

Mercy Me is a combo of WP and B's Barn lines.  She adds splashes of moonspots and color to the herd.  Kids usually show her cashmere coat in the winter.  She is a sweetheart, very easy to work with, and throws her strong fainting traits to her kids.

Triplets for Mercy Me!

Mercy Me is such an excellent mother that we have left her kids with her and are supplementing with alpine goat milk 

Mercy Me buckling2.jpg

#1  Buckling  $200

Syncope Falls Copperhead  DOB 3/15 

If you are looking for a smaller size, friendly buckling....HERE HE IS!  His conformation is good, but we will offer him as a buckling or wether.  Sky blue eyes with a dark dorsal stripe and facial markings. 

Mercy Me doeling1.JPG

#2 Doeling

Syncope Falls Pinky  DOB 3/15  $400  SOLD

Pinky is a sweetheart!  She loves being held during bottle feeding time.  She is more of a red roan with blue roan mixed in.  Sky blue eyes.  You've got a friend for life in her!

Mercy Me doeling2.JPG
Mercy Me doeling2a.JPG

#3 Doeling  SOLD

Syncope Falls Wild Dot DOB 3/15  $400

Wild Dot is the largest of the three.  She is heavily moonspotted in red on black, and with black moonspots on her red leggings.  Sky blue eyes.  Great conformation!  She will be your gate greeter on your farm!

Dam #3

D4429 Syncope Falls Petaloosa

This fabulous doe has splashes of cream, brown, and silver moonspots all over her!  She is naturally polled and boasts a cashmere coat in wintertime.  Calm and gentle, with strong fainting traits.  Excellent mother!

Petaloosa doe6.JPG

#1 Doeling   SOLD 

Syncope Falls Sunset Susie  DOB 3/14  $400

This doeling has a soft red roan color to her coat with blue mixed in.  Red highlights adorn her head and legs.  Lovely blue eyes with great conformation.  She will be POLLED

Petaloosa doe5.JPG

#2 Doeling  SOLD

Syncope Falls Bayou Babe  DOB  3/14  $400 

What a cutie!!  Everytime I walk out through the pasture, this little girl follows, peeking around a tree or hopping alongside.  Sky blue eyes.  She's a treasure!

Dam #4


F1395 Syncope Falls Shawn-Deen

The Navajo name 'Shawn-Deen' was given to me when I worked on the Navajo Reservation in 1996.  This is a very special doe with unusual markings - heavily moonspotted with a petal pattern completely throughout her coat.  Sky blue eyes set off her solidly built frame.  This will be her first kidding season.  Naturally polled.  She is the "sunshine" of the farm! 

So happy!.JPG

#1 Wether

Syncope Falls I Ain't Broke  DOB 3/7  $150


We are having a buck year and have a lot of black bucklings, so we decided to offer this buckling as a wether.  He's not broke.....but he will make a great companion goat!  Sky blue eyes with flashy red and black markings.  Horned

baddly broke doe.JPG

#2 Doeling - Pet Quality  SOLD

Syncope Falls But I'm Badly Bent  DOB 3/7 $150

There's a conformation problem with this doeling, so we are offering her as a companion goat as well.  What a deal to take the pair!  Sky blue eyes like her brother!  She is POLLED

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