Pairing of Smoke on The Mountain and the Following Does:

Dam #1:

E1808  Syncope Falls Moonspotted Mona Lisa

Mona is the daughter of Titan and is a work of 

art!  She is heavily moonspotted, and naturally polled.  Honey brown eyes with a cashmiere 

coat in the winter.  This will be her first kidding season!

Monalisa doeling.JPG

Little Miss Sunshine   DOB 03/15    $300   SOLD

This large sized doeling is solid black with a tiny white patch on her side.  She has bright blue eyes, and carries the moonspotted gene.  She is quite the dancer and keeps the guard donkey on her toes!  She is polled.  Perfect conformation.  Her ears display the classic "ripple" of myotonics!

Dam #2:
Mercy Me buckling2.JPG

Louisville Slugger  DOB 3/15    $400  SOLD 

Mercy Me hit a home run with this boy!  He is greyish blue/brown in color with chocolate moonspots and blue eyes.  Facial striping, and dorsal stripe.  Bright blue eyes to help him cross the finish plate!  Classic "ripple" of the ears.

D0405 Syncope Falls Mercy Me, Moonspots!

Mercy Me is a combo of WP and B's Barn lines.She adds splashes of moonspots and color tothe herd.  Kids usually show her cashmere coatin the winter.  She is a sweet heart!

Mrs sippi.JPG

Mrs. Sippi  DOB 3/15  $300   SOLD


This little doeling has a candy stripe front leg, and wears her traditional heritage colors of black and white very well!  She carries the moon spotted gene, has honey brown eyes, and will be horned.  Classic "ripple" of the ears that myotonic fans love to see!  Perfect conformation.

Dam #3

D4429 Syncope Falls Petaloosa

This fabulous doe has petal splashes of 

moonspots all over her!  She is a naturally

polled sweetheart!  Boasts a cashmere coat 

in winter time.

petaloosa doe.JPG
petaloosa doeling2.JPG

I know that every goat has personality, but this liitle doeling takes the cake!  She constantly looks like she is smiling!   It's hard to take a picture of her without smiling back.

Smiling Sallie Mae     DOB  03/31       $400  SOLD

Petaloosa put everything she had into this stunning doeling!  She is a reddish brown with chocolate and silver moonspots and blue eyes.  White spot on the head.  Classic "ripple" of the ears with perfect conformation throughout!

Dam #4
barefoot barbie.JPG
Backwoods Barbie.jpg

Barefoot Barbie   DOB  03/29   $350  


This tri-colored doeling is gorgeous, just like her momma!  Red facial stripes and leggings.  Blue eyes.  We are waiting to see if she will be polled

D4436 Syncope Falls Backwoods Barbie II

This white and deep red, blue eyed beauty is

polled and a favorite of the farm. Her lines include Moonlight Farms and Beavertree Farm.  She is very tame and has appeared in multiple church activities!

Backwoods barbie buckling.JPG

Backwoods Ken     DOB    03/29      $250  SOLD

I love Barbie's kids!  Always beautiful and flashy!!  This boy is a red/blue roan with blue dorsal stripe, eyebrows, and blue highlights on the legs.  Belted with white blaze on his face.  Blue eyes.  He will be horned.  Perfect conformation with the classic "ripple" in his ears.  

Dam #5
Dilly Dilly 2.jpg

D4431 Syncope Falls Dilly Dilly

Dilly Dilly was choosen by one of our sons to be a part of his own herd at a young age.  The tips of her ears were frost biten the night she was born, but her hardiest was not touched.  This stout doe throws exceptionally built kids that are chosen quickly.

Philly special2.JPG

Philly Special   DOB   04/03    $350   SOLD

Well, the Philadelphia Eagles may have let us down this year, but Dilly Dilly did not!  She threw her own Philly Special and made a winning touch down!  Philly Special is getting all of her mommas loving and will be a nice sized doe!  She is a red roan with blue highlights.  Blue eyes with a dark eyeliner around them.  She is belted and does have perfect conformation.  Classic "ripple" of the ears.

Dam #6
Sweet Water1_edited.jpg

C5331 Syncope Falls Sweet Water

Sweet Water is built with both TN/TX lines.

She has sky blue eyes and wears her traditional

black and white colors so well!  She is one of the lead does in her herd.

Sweet water doe.JPG

G.R.I.T.S.      DOB  04/08      $350    SOLD

G.R.I.T.S.  "Girls Raised In The South".  These two Southern Belles are just lovely!  GRITS is mostly white with a blue bonnet that drapes her ears and light blue highlights on the legs.  Her piercing blue eyes will make you feel lightheaded!  

Sweet water black doe.JPG

Glamor   DOB  04/08     $350   AVAILABLE

Glamor is just as lovely as her sister!  She is jet black except for a little white on her belly and front leg, with a feathering of white on her bangs.  Her striking blue eyes will make you swoon!