Pairing of Smoke on The Mountain and the Following Does:

Quadruplets for Mercy Me!!  We love Mercy Me and the group, so we are naming the kids after some of their songs!

D0405 Syncope Falls Mercy Me, Moonspots!

Mercy Me is a combo of WP and B's Barn lines.She adds splashes of moonspots and color tothe herd.  Kids usually show her cashmere coatin the winter.  She is a sweet heart!

I Could Only Imagine

DOB 03/26/20  Buckling $400  SOLD

I Could Only Imagine such a heavily spotted buckling!  He has perfect conformation, will have horns, and will be an exceptional herdshire


D0B 03/26/20  Buckling  $200  SOLD

Flawless is the smallest of the quadruplets, but the sweetest!  He is being supplemented on a bottle.  Red and blue roan.  Carries the moon spotted gene.  Perfect conformation!

Best New Ever

DOB 03/26/20  Buckling $200  SOLD

Best News Ever is a blue and white belted bucklling that carries the moonspotted gene.  Perfect conformation!  And look at those crazy eyebrows!  Will be have horns.

Word Of God Speak!

DOB 03/26/20  Doeling  $400      SOLD

This doeling is minimally moonspotted and is also being bottle fed.  Perfect conformation and sweet as can be!  Blue eyes!

D0407 Syncope Falls Delta Dawn

Delta Dawn is the last doeling out of Lady Traveler, who was our very first Fainting Goat and the Alpha of the herd.  Delta Dawn carrieson this trait (as seen by her studded leather collar and bell).  She is blue and white and queen of the farm!

From Days Gone By

DOB  03/15/20  $250          SOLD

This buckling is the perfect example of a Heritage black and white buckling from days gone by.  He is flashy with a white stripe that runs from the nose and down the chin - we can't wait to see how this will bedazzle his beard!  Blue eyes.

D4436 Syncope Falls Backwoods Barbie II

This white and deep red, blue eyed beauty is

polled and a favorite of the farm. Her lines include Moonlight Farms and Beavertree Farm.  She is very tame and has appeared in multiple church activities!

C5331 Syncope Falls Sweet Water

Sweet Water is built with both TN/TX lines.

She has sky blue eyes and wears her traditional

black and white colors so well!  She is one of the lead does in her herd.


DOB 03/21/20   $250    SOLD

Barbie out did herself this time!  Triplets!  BAM WHAT?!?  is the largest of her 3 boys.  BLUE eyes, black and tan with facial markings.  He will be an excellent herd shire!


DOB 03/21/20  $200     SOLD

Keeper is the smallest of the 3 boys and is being supplemented with milk.  He is a sweet heart!  White with blue markings.  Blue marbled eyes. Perfect conformation, so if you are looking for a smaller herd shire, Here He IS!

Spit Fire

DOB 03/21/20  $200      HOLD

Spit fire is amazingly marked similar to his momma with one eye patch and red splashed throughout his coat.  He is being supplemented with goat milk and is very friendly.  He has perfect conformation like his brothers!  Blue eyes. 

Ima Treasure

DOB 03/29/20  Doeling   $300   SOLD

Sweet Water almost cloned herself with this gorgeous black and white doeling!  Traditional hertiage coloring of black and white.  Will have horns.  Eyes are marbled blue will probably change to a light brown.

Ura Treasure

DOB 03/29/20   Doeling $300     SOLD

Ura Treasure has similar markings to Ima, but just a couple more splashes of black here and there!  Both girls have excellent conformation and would make great additions to any herd!

C9938 Syncope Falls Fairy Child

Fairy Child is our largest blue and white doe with TN/TX lines.  She has marbled blue eyes and throws very sound kids that are built like a brick!

Toot Toot Tootsie          SOLD

DOB 04/02/20           Doeling $400

This Blue, blue and white girl won't stay for sale long.  She is gorgeous with perfect conformation.  Spunky and her momma's pride and joy

Twinkle Toes                SOLD

DOB 04/02/20              Doeling $350

Perfect example of a heritage fainter with black and white markings, belted.  She is Blue eyed and one of the feistiest dancers on the farm!

C8043 Syncope Falls Ida Claire

When she was born, a common phrase heard on the farm was "I do declare, look at all those spots!"

She is a beautiful red and white doe with lines from Full Moon Farm, Critter Pines Ranch, Goulet's Ranch, and Moonlight Farms.  


DOB 03/19/20   Doeling  $300  SOLD

This little tri-colored doeling is smaller in size than her larger sister, but 'WOW!' does she have the spunk!  She has splashes of white on her brown coat with a black dorsal stripe and belly.  You can find her climbing down trees and dancing throughout the fields.


DOB 03/19/20   Doeling  $350  SOLD

Glamor is an exceptional tri-color doeling, larger in size with a black dorsal stripe and belly like her sister and darker brown stockings.  She does have blue eyes.  

D4431 Syncope Falls Dilly Dilly

Dilly Dilly was choosen by one of our sons to be a part of his own herd at a young age.  The tips of her ears were frost biten the night she was born, but her hardiest was not touched.  This stout doe throws exceptionally built kids that are chosen quickly.

Philly, Filly

DOB 04/21/20      Doeling     $350      SOLD

Yes, my son is a huge Eagle's fan, and sticking with the theme of Filly's momma's name, it just seemed right!!  This doeling is her momma's pride and joy!  She is a blue and red roan with Blue eyes She jumps and dances in the field like she has made a touchdown everyday!!  Perfect conformation.  She is polled.  (disclaimer....if you are a Patriot's fan, we understand and will change her name!)

Updated as of:  10/29/2020

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