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Pairing of Smiley's Moonspotted Man and the Following Does:


Smiley's Moonspotted Man1.JPG

Sire: Syncope Falls Smiley's Moonspotted Man 

Smiley is a perfect replica of his sire, Crow's Nest Joker, but with solid black horns.  He is also from our original lines on the farm that was the foundation for our herd 26 years ago!  We were so excited to see what he would produce, that we used him at 6 months old for breeding!  He has perfect conformation and is a very strong fainter with a gentle temperament.

Dam #1:
Dixie Crystal 2_edited.jpg

D4433 Syncope Falls Dixie Crystal

Affectionately known as "Sugar", she is a 

daughter of Smoke on the Mountain, and is 

out of the oldest lines on the farm.  She is a 

gorgeous blue and white doe who sports

a cashmere coat in the winter.   

Dam #2:
Backwoods Barbie.jpg

D4436 Syncope Falls Backwoods Barbie II

This white and deep red, blue eyed beauty is

polled and a favorite of the farm. Her lines include Moonlight Farms and Beavertree Farm.  She is very tame and has appeared in multiple church activities!

Dam #3

D4429 Syncope Falls Petaloosa

This fabulous doe has splashes of cream, brown, and silver moonspots all over her!  She is naturally polled and boasts a cashmere coat in wintertime.  Calm and gentle, with strong fainting traits.  Excellent mother!

Dam #4


F1395 Syncope Falls Shawn-Deen

The Navajo name 'Shawn-Deen' was given to me when I worked on the Navajo Reservation in 1996.  This is a very special doe with unusual markings - heavily moonspotted with a petal pattern completely throughout her coat.  Sky blue eyes set off her solidly built frame.  This will be her second kidding season.  Naturally polled.  She is the "sunshine" of the farm! 

Dam #5
Blue doe_edited.jpg

F6155 Syncope Falls Mountain Mist

Mountain Mist is from our 2022 kidding season.  She is our first moonspotted blue doeling on the farm!  We LOVE our blues, and she comes from some of our favorites!  Fingers crossed for some more moonspotted blue kids this spring!

Dam #6
Mercy Me doe2.JPG

F6149 Syncope Falls Hard Rock Candy

"SWEET!"  The first word that was proclaimed over this doeling when she was born!  Candy is perfect!! She is Red, White, and Blue....the daughter of Captain America and Mercy Me, Moonspots.  She has skirting, blue eyes, and strong fainting traits.  We are hoping for incredible kids this spring from her first kidding season!

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